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Mid round wr draft picks, need a few quick suggestions

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7th pick and lookin at the likes of Anderson, Jones, fuller, Shephard, Davis...

Take a chance at hill? Get a jump on Hardman? 

Few ideas would be great, thanks. 10 man, 0.5 ppr, 6pt tds 

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4 hours ago, Savatage79 said:

Anderson, Jones, fuller, Shephard, Davis

Robbie Anderson: 100/60/800/6. I don't like Anderson though, and Gase is another dumpster fire waiting to happen.

Will Fuller: 100/60/1000/8. Easily the most talented, but how many knee injuries can one guy have?

Marvin Jones: 100/60/900/5. Better receiver, but still recovering from his last injury.

Sterling Shepard: 100/60/800/6. The best situation probably now that he has to take over from OBJ. Yes, there's also Tate, and unfortunately neither Eli nor Jones inspire much confidence.

Corey Davis: Should be in line for the most targets, but doesn't have the best catch rate so far: 120/65/1000/4. If he can get on the same page with Mariota, if Delaney proves healthy enough to be a distraction for the defense, and if Henry can be the battering ram again...

I think it's Davis or Shepard for me. 

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Hardman and it's not even close!! Hill is on his way getting kicked out of the league for life! Avoid all Jets players Gase is already ruining that team. He will get a pink slip soon enough. 

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