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Hi Everyone,

We have a few openings in a unique Dynasty League. Here are the league details. If you want to join, have any questions, or want to see a list of the available teams please e-mail me at

Prestige NCAA Fantasy Football 
Player Pool: 
Players from Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Big 12, Pac 12, and Notre Dame 
There will be two conferences, East and West.  Each conference will have 10 teams. Each conference will have its own player pool, meaning Lamar Jackson will be in the Eastern Conference and in the Western Conference. 
This is a DYNASTY league where rosters will be made up of current college football players from the Power 5 conferences and Notre Dame.  The players you draft will be on your roster year after year until graduation or NFL.  
Your Program, Your System: 
You’ll start two quarterbacks and six flex positions (you can start a running back, wide receiver, or tight end in these spots).  This gives you the flexibility to start the strongest players on your roster, and the ability to recruit players that suit your system.  You can start 6 wide receivers, 6 tight ends, 6 running backs, or anything in between.  You’ll have 21 roster spots (8 active, 13 reserve) and 5 redshirts.  Players eligible to fit in your redshirt spots are any player that has played less than 10 games.    
This is where the latest wrinkle comes into play with our league.  You will now have a rival.  You’ll play each team in your conference weeks 1-9 (including your rival).  Then you’ll play your rival again in week ten which will be “Rivalry Week”.  So you’ll play your rival twice in the season.   If you sweep your rival in a season (beat them twice) you’ll get an extra $100 of prestige money on top of the $100 earned for the two wins to use for recruiting. Example: Michigan beats Ohio State in week 4 (earns $50 for the win) then beats them again week 10 (earns another $50 for the win) they would have swept their rival and earned an extra $100.  So $200 total for just those two games.  I think this will be a fun way to deal with our schedule problem of having a 10-week regular season and only 9 teams to play.  The top 4 teams in each conference will make the playoffs.  Ties in the conference standings are broken first by points scored.  If total points scored is also tied, the tie will be randomly broken by Fantrax.  The playoff bracket is attached. 
Here are the rivalries.  I tried to be traditional, but some teams didn’t match up with another team in the league.  
USC – Stanford 
Texas - Oklahoma 
Wash St. – Texas Tech 
Nebraska – Tennessee 
Trinity Christian – LSU 
Michigan - Ohio St. 
North Carolina – Clemson 
Ole Miss – Missouri 
FSU – Louisville 
Penn St. - Pitt 

Passing TD: 6 points 
Passing YDs: 1 point every 15 yards 
Rushing TD: 6 points 
Rushing YDs: 1 point every 5 yards 
Reception: 1 point 
Receiving TD: 6 points 
Receiving YDs: 1 point every 5 yards 
Prestige money: 
Coaches earn prestige cash through winning.  This money is used in the offseason to recruit incoming freshman unowned upperclassmen.  You get $500 to begin with each offseason.  There are also opportunities for coaches to earn more money to recruit with.  Here is a chart to breakdown Prestige money: 
Prestige $ Earned 
Paying league fee 
Wins from previous season 
$50 per win 
Coach’s prior year playoff appearances 
$50 per appearance 
Rivalry sweep 
Just like in real college football, the more prestigious the program the more powerful the recruiting presence.  Prestige money cannot be carried over to the next season. 
After our playoff championship, teams will not be able to claim players from free agency until recruiting.  Trading and drops will be allowed once you’ve made the payment for the following year.   
Starting in 2018, a date in August will be communicated with all owners as our “recruiting week”.  Each owner will have a week to use their prestige money budget to bid on unowned players during that week.  You’ll be able to view which team has the highest bid (who the player is leaning towards), but will not be able to see the highest bid.  At the end of the recruiting week the team that placed the highest bid gets the commitment from that player.  All unclaimed players will become walk-ons to be claimed through making a “free for all” claim.  Rosters will need to be trimmed down to legal size (7 active, 13 reserve, 5 redshirt) by the start of the season. 

Recruiting this Season:
Our recruiting week will start on August 11th with recruits signing with the highest bidder (using the prestige $ your team earned this season) at 12:00 noon eastern on Saturday August 17th Incoming freshmen, as well as any unowned player, can be recruited.  On Sunday, August 26th all unsigned players will available to add as walk-ons via free-for-all claims until the season starts.  

In Season Bidding: 
After recruiting, everyone will get $500 (your prestige money will not carry over) to use on blind bidding for free agents for the rest of the season.  Each Monday at 8:00pm the bids will be processed, at 8:05pm you may claim players via “free for all” pickups.  Players will lock again when their game starts the following week.   
Payouts (100%): 
20 teams x $54 = $1080 
National Champ = $400
National Runner-Up = $200 
Semi-Finalist Game Loser= $100 

Semi-Finalist Game Loser= $100
Regular Season Conference Champ - West Division: $100 
Regular Season Conference Champ - East Division: $100 

Fantrax Fee To Use Premium Set Up League: $79.95 

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