Any H2H Dynasty Points Leagues?

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I have never been a big fan of the roto 'category' style leagues where you have to win at individual categories.
I'm looking to join (or start) a league where each team plays H2H each week, and each player's stats are averaged based on their weekly cumulative totals.
The team with the highest average each week gets a win. 

CBS Sports had this style of play for redraft leagues, but I'm looking for a dynasty league format.

Does anyone know of a league that uses this, or platform that is capable of supporting?
I'm not opposed to starting a new league if I can find the right system.
Thanks for any help. 

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Hi, sounds like our league is what your looking for.  Our league is free, H2H Most Cat. where 1 team wins each week against the team they play.  ESPN is the format and our league is actually expanding from 8 to 10 teams this year so your team would get the first 6 draft picks along with expansion team #2.  Then the other teams will join the draft.  We are also dynasty format and 6 keepers of a 14 player roster each year.  If interested you can email me at or respond here.  Thanks, Grant.

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Thanks for your response, but I am looking for a cumulative H2H league, not category-based.

For instance, a scoring structure where 1pt = 1pt, assists = 2pts, rebounds = 1.5pts, etc....
And then the players' totals are averaged each week based on the number of games played.
The winner each week is the team with the higher average.


Do any leagues like this exist with a dynasty format?

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Looking for 2 new owners for a H2H points league. No average stats for the week but a total for all 8 starters. Converting from daily to weekly line-ups. 18 teams and 8 in PlayOffs. Going into 8th season.........12 man rosters with 1 IL. Dynasty - keep minimum 8 and maximum 12.......1 Round Draft. Draft Lottery and Max 20 Player Moves. Max 4 Trades per team per season.


Never heard of the average stats thing or don't know what format to use to set it up that way if I wanted to. But this is a H2H points league and 1 win or 1 loss. On Yahoo.


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