Fantrax Dynasty League Needs 1 Replacement

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League Link: www.FantasyFootball32.com


We are a replica league that covers all 32 NFL Teams. We have two conferences, NFC and AFC, and each of their own player pool. So it's essentially like two 16 team leagues and the conference champs face each other in the SuperBowl. This will be our 2nd season and the 1st was a blast. Get in while we have an opening.

We are a weekly H2H Points league. You'll have three matchups every week: a division rival, a conference game, and a non-conference game. It's no different than a 1 matchup setup except for you now have 3 live scoring screens to watch instead of one! 

We have practice squads that act similar to minor league rosters where you can store rookie players without it counting against roster spots. 

We have a bonus structure that increases salary for top performing players at each position so it makes them more and more expensive to retain. 

The replica aspect is fun because we have two conferences we track and all of the divisions in the NFL. The playoff structure is identical and the conference champs face off in the SuperBowl.


Our GroupMe Chatroom in case you want to drop by and ask questions: https://web.groupme.com/join_group/42489859/qaMkxD

The franchise that has an opening is the Carolina Panthers.

Roster link: Click here

Teams link: Click here

Our League CBA: Click here

2018 NFC Standings to see how the team did last year: Click here

2018 League Standings: Click here

2018 Postseason: Click here

2019 Draft Board: Click here


Now the one downside is this team currently has no draft picks in the upcoming draft. There's actually a few teams in that situation. I was myself (Dallas Cowboys) but I traded to get back into the draft with the 7th overall pick. You can easily look over your players and 2020 (1,2,3,4), 2021 (1,2,3,4) Draft picks and trade your way back into this year's draft if you'd like to participate. 


Team is in decent shape as of now. Good QB in Wentz, Cohen, Barber and AP at RB, Michael Thomas and Keenan Allen at WR, OJ Howard, Cook, and Gesicki for TE. For a 16 team league that's a solid roster to compete and build on. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested.


It is a money league. We played with a $50 entry fee last season, but we're currently voting to raise it to $100 moving forward. If you get in and get up to speed quick enough you can take part in our offseason Managers Meeting voting. 



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Our Colts team is available too.

Roster Link: Click here

2019 Draft Picks: 1-12 (12), 2-12 (28), 3-12 (44), 4-12 (60)

Another solid team with more good pieces to build around. 




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bump...two spots open. Panthers and Colts. League is super fun. If you are active and fun to be around then join it! Let's go! 

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Very interested in this league! Just spent quite a bit of time going through the rules, forum and website. It seems incredibly well organized and active. I'm also actually a huge Panthers fan so that's a plus! I'm not sure if there is an application procedure or anything of that nature, but I am very interested in joining. Thanks!

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