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IDL Dynasty League Looking for an Active and Committed Owner

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Hey guys, 

We had an owner is our dynasty league decide that he could no longer handle the commitment of the league. 

I am looking for a new owner that will contribute to league discussions as well as be extremely active with this team. 

This league is a ESPN $5 dynasty league (H2H categories) where owners prepay for 5 years, so this year and the next two years will be free for the new owner. I will ask that the new owner pay $25 to leaguesafe as a commitment to the league and that will cover our next round of buy in's and get you 7 1/2 years of paid dynasty in a very fun league. 

Some things that we do that set this league apart from others is. 

  • Minor League System and Annual Rookie Draft
  • Weekly Power Rankings
  • Game of the Week (with detailed write up of the teams involved)  
  • Player of the Week 
  • In season tournaments for FAAB dollars and extra Minor League slots 
  • Team logos and names (cannot be changed) 


The team available is the Fort Lauderdale Flamingos. This was a playoff team last year that has some really nice players and prospects, and could still be a wildcard team this year with the right moves. 

Link to league:

Link to rule book (please review if interested):

Link to Minor League Rosters:


Thank you for your interest, 




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Hey guys, 

This is an example of the tournament bracket that we are going to start using for next years in season tournaments. This one is set up for football, but It's the same format. Double elimination, and the top two teams receive FAAB dollars and extra prospect slots (two different tournaments).  

These tournaments run in conjunction with the regular season, your stats count for both and you get to play two games at the same time.

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