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Hello folks, I am running this ESPN redraft league for 2nd year:

$150 H2H, Auction Draft at October, 9 Standard Cats, 12 Managers , Daily-Today, FAAB waivers, 4 Acquisitions per Week.

Payouts :
1st Overall : $950
2nd Overall: $450
3rd Overall: $250
1st Regular Season: $150

Payments via leaguesafe,majority approval.

The league also has private groupme chat..


Send me a PM with your espn/leaguesafe addresses if u are interested.


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Definitely interested in this league. Wait is this Ilias? (I'm "The North Remembers") What up! Could you send me a list of all leagues that you have spots avail in?

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39 minutes ago, jaivilla said: it a most-cats or every-cats league?

Its Head to Head Each Category.

I have 12 managers who have joined the league but opened 2 extra team slots to 14. So the 12 of 14 managers who pay first than the others , they will secure their spots and I will drop the last 2 unpaid owners and finalize the team list.

The draft will take place either or Sat 12th of October or Sun 13th.

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1 hour ago, chlaur02421 said:

so league is full and drafted?


IF not, count me as interested 

No it drafts at october but yes its full. Thats not a problem tho because I have opened more team slots ,so the 12 managers who pay first they will secure their spots!

Invite sent!

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