Anyone interested in a Mid-Season start?

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Draft this Sunday, July 13th @ 1:00 pm pdt


16 Teams 7x7 All-Play regular season (weekly roto) & H2H Playoffs



Mid-season draft next Sunday!! Here's your chance to draft the team you should have drafted back in March :0)


We are trying something a little different this season. This format seeks to up the competitiveness while also increasing owner retention.  This is a first year keeper league. Entry fee includes 2020 season too! We'll be starting off 2020 with everyone still in... Good first step for our keeper league


All-play (weekly roto) regular season with H2H playoffs. The top half of the league will make the playoffs with the top 4 teams being paid out.  Cash prize to division winners too!  Another new concept is how we will group into divisions in year 2 and beyond.  We have adopted a Champions League approach here.  The top teams (playoff teams from previous year) will form one division while the weaker teams form the other.  Intra-division scheduling will allow teams to face their peers.  The weaker division will get fewer playoff spots due to the weaker competition (3), however they will still be playing against their peers for those spots and the winner of the division will win a cash prize too.  The hope is that this will keep all teams involved.  The top 8 will obviously be going for it, they have 5 playoff spots and divisional money to play for.  So that gets us to 11 teams going "all in" already without counting teams on the fringe in the lower division.  The goal is to return 16 teams next year and actually have a true keeper league. This season and next season's entry fee is due to join. This will guarantee that we return the entire league next year and start this keeper league off right


👉Rules Page:

👉Quick join link:


If you have any questions or would like an invite, please email me at or respond to this posting



Thanks for looking!

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Posted (edited)

We currently have 5 paid in and several like you on the fence with an invite.  


It's not looking good.  We need some of you to make a move to get this league off the ground  


The 5 that are paid in are committed to playing.  Everyone wants to get started this season, but it looks like we will have to push this thing to 2020.  16 teams is the goal.  This format and idea will work best with 16.  We got to 13 pre season and 10 last mid season try.  But unless people take a chance and join, we won't get there for this weekend.  Fantrax will refund you your money if the league doesn't draft

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