Orphan Team Needs Owner. Dynasty League In 4th Year. $70 Buy In.

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Hi guys,

4th year league has an opening.

H2H points league.

30 teams. 2 x player pools.

All funds are available as prize money (other than Fantrax fees).

Dynasty Salary Cap Contract League that mirrors the NBA (109m cap and rookie scale contracts as per the league)

All teams have G League flexibility.

6 x Starters. PG, SG, G, SF, PF, C, F/C

7 x Bench.

Weekly Line Ups until Play Offs, then capped daily games.

Auction For Yearly Free Agency. League also has RFA, Rookie Drafts, In-season waivers and FA pick ups as well as contract extensions and yearly salary raises.

All communication is through Slack platform.

Current Roster: Franchise also has 53m in Cap Available as well as 5th and 20th Picks in the 2019 Rookie draft


Any prospective owner would need to be active on our chat channels and ensure they are engaged with the league. We do release content throughout the season with GMs recording shows, video content as well as league specific power rankings, mock drafts etc.

If you are interested, please email Taylordan081@gmail.com or MJOakland@gmail.com and we can get some more info/league bylaws out to you.



Co-commisioner & Toronto Raptors GM

International Basketball League

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Maybe.......This team looks too good for a 30 team league......What's the catch?

What is 2 x player pools? Do you start 6 or 7?

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Hi Dino

The team did also have Kawhi & Oladipo too (expiring contracts this season) so really got hurt due to "load mgt" and Victor going down with the injury. There are 2 x conferences and each have player pools (so there are 2 x Harden's, 2 x KD's etc). We all play each other but can only trade within our conference. There are also a rookie draft for each conf too.

We then have the play offs as per the NBA, East and West and then the winner of each Conf Finals goes through to the Championship game.

To put this side in to perspective, the team that had the best reg season in the East was set up as below:



7 x starters, 6 x bench and max of 5 in G League (to be GL eligible you have to have played less than 165 career games).

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Would love to see the league bylaws, but I am interested


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