Mr.Roarke's Football League (18-tm, Auction,Keeper, Rookie Draft $125)

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Greetings all,

I've got over 20+ years of reputable experience commishing fantasy sports leagues.  The "Mr. Roarke" format is a proven one that has been very successful in baseball, basketball, and hockey.  And now.....FOOTBALL!

I'm happy to announce the creation of an exciting brand new football league for 2019 that combines all my favorite elements of fantasy -- auction, keepers, competitive league depth, head-to-head, prospects / ability to build a team for future, playoffs, payouts for reg season and playoff performance!

The league is already half-full and has been seeded from a hand-picked list of proven fantasy owners that I've played with in leagues for many years.  For the remaining slots, I'm looking for very experienced, mature, and fun-loving players that are interested in committing to a serious league for the long haul. 

Mr. Roarke's Football League

League Basics:

-18 teams

-$125 Buy in (LeagueSafe used for finances)

-Prize money for regular season AND playoff performance

-Standard yardage / 1/2-Point PPR scoring

-Weekly Triple-Header H2H matchups (2 vs regular opponents, 1 vs league average)

-Two-week long playoff matchups

-7-man active roster (1-Superflex, 1-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 1-RB/WR, 1-WR/TE), 5-man bench; 2-man IR; 3-man rookie taxi squad

-Auction ($80 cap) for 7-man active roster, 5-round snake draft for reserves

-Keepers (up to 4 active roster), contracts, extensions, etc.

-Annual pre-season Rookie Draft

-Rules favorable to drafting and developing rookie prospects before they become stars

-Semi-Weekly free agent/waiver claims for league management

-Perpetual traveling Championship Trophy

-GroupMe app for league chat, trade talk, etc.

Full details on League Rules, Settings, and Bylaws can be viewed here:

Please hit me back soon (georgelindholm AT if you're interested and/or have questions with a little info about yourself and your fantasy experience in auction and/or keeper leagues.



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Bump.  Got 10 of 18 filled with great core of owners I've known for a long time.  Slots are going fast...hit me up!





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Bump.  Only 7 slots left.

Three Round (slow draft) Rookie Draft starts Thursday, 8/22 

Auction set for Tuesday, August 27th at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT

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32 minutes ago, ROTOGUY said:

I’m interested


Cool!  I sent you an email about it.

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Bump.  Spots going fast.  15 slots filled by vetted owners I've played in leagues with for many years (in case you're wondering about long term league viability / stability).

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