I can make a Royal Rumble simulation for your league to determine draft order

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Hey guys,

About 3 years ago, I pitched the idea to my fantasy football league of running a Royal Rumble N64 Wrestling Simulation to determine the draft order. After careful consideration and a majority vote, the league agreed to have the simulation. In our specific league, we've been together for 9 years, and we only do a lottery for the bottom 4 teams. Therefore, the wrestling simulation would be a fatal four way. After I got the go ahead, I got to work on the simulation. I created 4 custom wrestlers within the game and I customized the wrestlers to look like my buddies. I had each person pick a wrestling moveset. I normalized all the parameters on each individual custom wrestler so as to even the playing field. On the night of the event to determine the draft order, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, fired up the stream and the whole league watched it in the BWW on full volume. Random people were coming over and taking a look at what was going on as well. The night was a success, the match was wildly entertaining and that day, we birthed a yearly tradition. 

This is my goal each year, to add something new to the league that brings the league together on a specific date, and has great entertainment value. The next year we did it, I cut a promotional video to get the hype going a week before the event, and this year - we plan on potentially adding a commentator like JR, on stream to "call" the match to add to the excitement level.

Anyways, about a week ago - A random person reached out to me that had seen/heard of these royal Rumbles we have been doing and asked me if I could set one up for his league.

So I did, and last night - It went off without a hitch. you can see the raw match below, as well as the highlight reel whch is an easier viewing experience.

Raw Match:


Highlight Reel:



It got me thinking - I want to offer to do this for other leagues. I want to bring this fun tradition that my league has and I want to be able to share it with others by planning an event like this for their league.

If anyone is interested in having me set-up something like this, please let me know.  


Here are the original videos from my league from the past 2 years:

2017 Promo:


2017 Raw Match: 


2018 Promo: 


2018 Raw Match:


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Posted (edited)

I would LOVE to do this for my league. We’ve got a 10 team league and would like to get the draft order in place ASAP as our draft is this coming Saturday night.

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