Multiple League Strategies

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42 minutes ago, Dreams And Dwightmares said:


Do whatever you want. My 2nd league wasn't always auction though and I pulled it off just fine. 


Feel free to believe everything you've failed to do is impossible though. 

Lol I’m sorry that not everyone is going to agree with everything you say.  But I always enjoy your immediate pushback of just projecting things onto people.  Never a dull D&D post.

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you have to diversify a big because even if you hit on all the same players all it takes is one or 2 duds in the playoffs and ur bounced. so not only inj risk during the year but that week to week variance during the 3 week playoffs.


Im still going to do the same strat in all my auction get one elite rb and one elite wr if the prices are reasonable. nuk Kamara, or zeke, adams/hill.

middle/ late rd guys can be the similar if the value is good. can always make trades. just don't draft josh Gordon on everyteam as ur wr3 and you should be fine

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