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Recruiting for free startup 3-sport league (MLB NBA NFL) on ESPN

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We are currently recruiting a few more teams for a free 10 team, multi-sport league (NFL, NBA, MLB) that will begin with the upcoming NFL season. The expectation of any new league member is that they will be active, competitive with their roster making decisions and have an interest in participating in something new, fun, fresh and life-like.  The core roster of league owners is a good group of dudes who initially met playing in a similar multi-sport league, but also wanted to expand some of the events and features to make one of their own.  

The bones of the league will be formed around a simple contract and salary cap system where contracts increase by 1 every season for each respective sport. The calendar of events for the league is really what makes everything dynamic and fun as each sport will consist of an auction style free agency period as well as amateur drafts, trade deadlines, restricted free agency, multi year contracts, minor league/amateur rosters…all in addition to the normal day to day activity and roster management process.

 The league is free but will reward winning teams with an accumulative point ranking based on how each owners team finishes in each sport. This league is intended to interest people who love fantasy sports and the challenge of building a real team under challenges and constraints similar to what real life GMs have to deal with. The league will be hosted on ESPN with all league transactions and notes captured on ProBoards.

If interested please shoot me an email at and take a look at the league constitution on the ProBoards link below. Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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