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3rd Year Dynasty Looking for Replacement Owners

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Hi all,

I'm the commissioner of a dynasty league entering its third year. Some details:

This is a 20 team fantasy NBA dynasty league. It's $25 a year, with the 8 playoff teams breaking even, and the winner and runner up taking $250 and $100, respectively. We are using leaguesafe with majority vote. We also ask that you pay the next season’s $25 a year in advance, with the idea being that people will be less likely to leave once they’ve paid for the next year. However, if you do leave and find someone else to run your team, once they pay the $25 for that year, you’ll get your $25 back. If you can’t find anyone, we’ll keep the $25 and give your replacement free entry into that season (funded by your $25).

The format is a weekly H2H points, with 15 man rosters (9 starters).

We've designed a free agency system with a salary cap and a bidding system. Best of all, it's a completely free market. If you want to offer LeBron a $50M p/y contract (we have a $100M cap), you're more than welcome to. Our free agency starts September 1st

We have a first year player draft every year, complete with draft lottery. Tanking is encouraged. The draft and lottery will begin immediately after the empty spots are filled. 


We've designed our annual schedule so there are things happening year round, yet there are breaks in the schedule for Fantasy Football and for many teams’ Fantasy Baseball (our playoffs).


We have an 11 page constitution designed to make the league more like the NBA and more fun for everyone!


You will be taking over an existing team. There are multiple teams available


Here is the link to our constitution: Please give it a look through and let me know if you are interested (either here or @!

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