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12 Team Dynasty H2H with minors

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Brand new 12 team Dynasty League NEEDS OWNERS. Serious players only. Looking for experienced players who will be in it for the long haul. Email if qualified. Will provide more info on settings. Do not PM here - e-mail inquiries only #fantasyhockey #fhl #fantasyNHL

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4 hours ago, billybgame said:

What site?

The league will be hosted on Yahoo.

We now have 6 owners and need 6 more.

League Description
12 Team Max (inaugural season - potential future expansion)
Head-to-Head Categories
Dynasty Format
Full Keeper
Five (5) N/A or Minor League Players
Annual 5 Round Supplemental Pipeline Draft

Pro Draft
26 Rounds
Random Order
Snake Draft


Amateur Draft
5 Rounds
Opposite order of pro draft
Snake Draft


Pro & Minor League Eligibility
* Any skater with less than 82 NHL games played is eligible for the minors
* Any goaltender with less than 160 NHL games is eligible for the minors
* Any player (skater or goaltender) with at least one (1) game of NHL experience, currently under contract with an NHL team is eligible for the pro draft.
* Once a skater has amassed 82 games of pro experience, or Goalie has amassed 160 games of pro experience, they must be activated to the pro roster or dropped. These players can not be stashed on the minor league roster. Their original minor league roster spot must then remain vacant.


Minor League Waiver Rules
Minor league (N/A) players must remain with the team who originally drafted them for one full season or be dropped to waivers. Once dropped to waivers, the player can not rejoin the team who originally drafted them. Additionally, if a minor league player is dropped to waivers, the N/A minor league roster spot that housed that player must remain empty until it is filled in the following season’s minor league draft. This rule exists to deter players from stockpiling pro-ready players with less than 82 games of NHL experience and stashing them on the minor league roster. This rule also encourages owners to remain dedicated to the pipeline players they draft.

Minor league (N/A) players can be, but are not required to be, promoted to the pro roster if that player has been promoted to his respective “real world” pro team and thereby loses the N/A designator on Yahoo!. A roster spot must be opened for this player by dropping an existing veteran from the pro roster. The minor league (N/A) player can be returned to his minor league roster spot if he is subsequently sent back to minors in his respective “real world” team and reclassified with the N/A designation on Yahoo!.


Minor League Trades
Trading of minor league players is permitted and is the only method by which an original minor league roster spot can be filled with a prospect not originally drafted by that team. Again, this league discourages volatility and frequent movement of pipeline players, or stashing of borderline pros, and encourages commitment to originally drafted prospects.


Roster Composition

2G (4G Max between pro and minor)
6 Bench

5 Minors
3 IR
3 IR+

Scoring Categories
G, A, +/-, PIM, PPG, SHG, SOG, FOW, Hit, BLK

Goaltending Categories
W, GAA, Sv%, SHO


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I'm interested for sure....but hate to say I don't do live drafts anymore.....any thought to the pro portion also being slow live? 

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