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$600 (450+150) ESPN PPR Auction Drafting Sunday 9/1 @ 330 MST

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$600 (450+150) PPR Auction league. $450 of all buy-ins go towards the main pot ($5,400) and $150 will go towards the competition fee ($1800). The competitive fee incentivizes everyone to stay active all season - the lower you are in the standings the more you will have to pay. Here's how it works.


Main Pot: $5,400
Champion: $3,200
2nd Place: $1,600
3rd Place: $600

Competitive Pot: $1,800
Most Points (weeks 1-16): $600
2nd Most Points: $350
3rd Most Points: $250
4th-9th: $100
10th-12th: $0

Playoff seeding will be determined via a Wins-Based system. Every team will play their standard H2H schedule and receive a Win or Loss each week. In addition, those scoring in the top half of the league will receive an additional .5 Wins and the weekly high scorer will receive a full additional Win. The top 4 in Wins after 12 Regular Season weeks will make the playoffs.

Semi-Finals: Weeks 13-14
Champinship: Weeks 15-16


post emails or message if interested

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Hi Cody, could you send invite to Should be able to join and pay right away. Thank you 

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think there’s a few more openings here as of today. Played in this commish’s leagues over the past couple years and they are ran very well. If you’re looking for a good and competitive auction league, take a look at this one.

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16 minutes ago, Soaring Eagle said:

are the 2 600 leagues the same?

There's a $300 and $600 league with very similar settings, not identical though. Payout structure is different because the $600 league has the competitive fee and the $300 doesn't.

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