Playoffs on the line, need one start of the following (WHIR)

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WHIR, leave link.  Only if you give some rationale for the pick will I help your post, and I will do the same.


Playoffs on the line and I have to use one of these starts. Points league innings and ks obviously good, HR against biggest minus. 

1) Heaney vs BOS,

2) Robbie Ray vs LAD

3) Matz @Phi

4) Caleb Smith @WAS

5) Logan Webb vs SD


Heaney's been great lately, but Boston a though matchup, at least it's at home. I feel like Robbie Ray always does well vs the Dodgers, but still a nervous matchup. Matz has quietly been good in the second half mostly, but tough start in a HR park.  Caleb Smith has been bad lately. Logan Webb seems very risky but best matchup and I kinda like him as a prospect. 

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Based purely on matchups, I would go Webb. Boston and Philly are fighting for Wild Card spots, so you know they will be pushing, and Washington is trying to hold on to their Wild Card spot, so same thing. (Wild Card teams in September play tough). Dodgers just always scare me, and that leaves Webb vs SD. With only 2 outings so far, it is hard to predict how Webb will handle SD, but those other matchups just seem to risky. If you want to steer clear of the rookie, my second choice would be Ray vs LAD. The dodgers lineup only hits .224 against Ray, where as the other starters get hit as follows:


Boston hits .334 against Heaney - Stay away.

Philly hits .266 against Matz

Washington hits .261 against Caleb Smith.



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I'd probably go Matz ot Webb.

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