3 Sport League Needs 2 Owners

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Road To Glory Dynasty needs 2 new owners. Football, Basketball, and Baseball League. We are moving to Fantrax starting with football. GroupMe is used for communication. We are all college teams in all three sports. The two teams open are Ohio State and Miami, but I believe you can change to whatever school you want that isn't taken. We have not had our NBA rookie draft yet, but Ohio State has the 1.01 pick and Miami has 1.08 and 1.11.

First year is already paid for, but it is $25 per sport via Leaguesafe. Message me or email me at bt21milton@gmail.com and I can send the full rosters and Rules if you are interested.

Notable Players:

Ohio State - Aaron Rodgers, Marlon Mack, Odell Beckham Jr, Melvin Gordon, Baker Mayfield, Travis Kelce, Joel Embiid, John Wall, Kemba Walker, Julius Randle, Mike Conley, Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, Verlander, Kluber, Price

Miami - Christian McCaffrey, Philip Lindsay, Adam Thielen, Kerryon Johnson, Calvin Ridley, DeMar DeRozan, Draymond Green, Chris Paul, LeBron James, De'Aaron Fox, Trevor Story, Bryce Harper, Aaron Nola

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