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Super boring help needed, will answer back

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AL-Only league. Either Jaime Barria with 2 starts against Oakland and White Sox, or Danny Duffy against Miami on the road. In my league it's pretty hard to not come away with at least some points from a pitcher. Unless he's getting rocked in an inning. Barria isn't very good, but is quantity better than Duffy's matchup, where he will have to bat, having just come off the IL for his 2nd start. He's scheduled for Sunday. Worried they may play it safe with him. Love the matchup though, and think Duffy can be sneaky good in the right starts. What say you?

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Based on volume of a starts and usually getting some positive points for SPs in your setup, Barria could possibly net a decent return, but he could also get hammered by a decent OAK lineup and CHW team that can be pretty scrappy.

Duffy could get in trouble against MIA also, they aren't the cake walk some think they are, especially for Duffy coming of the IL recently and who knows, maybe gets pulled after 5 innings for a hitter if he makes it that far. He's got decent stuff and wasn't horrible last time out, but he's still a coin flip for me as far as throwing a good game or running into some trouble. Not sure how often he's faced MIA either, that could work for or against him if not familiar with their hitters, they have some solid bats hitting well too.

I'd probably go Barria, assuming he and Duffy are half way decent in their starts, gives you chance for more Ks and Ws for points league. I'd be nervous whichever of them I rolled out however.

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