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$20 Fantrax NHL Divisional Challenge

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Hi everyone,

I have a 2nd year league that is comprised of 4 divisions (4 separate leagues) and they are all made up of a different player pool for each division (1 league is just metro players, 1 league is just atlantic, etc. etc.). It is a 24 team league that needs about 3-4 owners, possibly 5.

Every league is 6 teams and the winner of each league will face off in a memorial cup style tournament (all 4 division winners play a round robin and then semis, then finals)

Rosters are 16 players (6 F, 4 D, 1 FLEX, and A TEAM GOALIE POSITION) *Team goalie is used because in a singular division player pool league there are not enough goalies to go around.

It is a H2H most categories is a win league (G, A, BLK, GWG, Hits, PIMS, SOG, Special Team Points, GAA, Shutouts, SV%, Wins)

Buy-in is $20 and I am looking for 3 or 4 owners (possibly 5). Upon joining you will need to pay, and then once I fill the 24 teams, the draw for which division you receive will take place, and then I will add you into a separate league for your division and once that happens the 6 members of your league can decide on a draft date/time (3rd or 4th week of September). Once the finals tournament starts, it all happens in the main league in which you pay in.

Feel free to email me for more info as I have probably left some things out If there is more interest than the 3-4 teams that I need I will try and put you on a wait list or something should anything happen to an already existing owner.


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