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Free Yahoo H2H Dynasty: Need Nats Owner

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TEAMS must MAINTAIN at least 9 ACTIVE PLAYERS from your CHOSEN team 
For example, if you are Boston, you must roster a minimum of 9 actual Red Sox out of your 25 players 
DL players count toward the minimum 
NA players DO NOT COUNT, they are non-value added, minor leaguers and not part of your active roster 

9 batting slots (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF and Util/DH) 
12 pitching slots (5 SP, 7 RP) 
5 bench slots 
No forsaking an RP SLOT for an EXTRA BAT 
5 DL 
10 NA (not active) for any players in the minors 

*If you own a BATTER/PITCHER dual player, you can add/drop one of the versions as you see fit with no other team able to pick them up. If you do drop both versions of the dual player, that means you are releasing him to free agency available for any team to add.

**Since Yahoo has a limit of 5 DL spots and MLB players are injured more than ever there is a list on the message board where you can stash your 60 DAY DL players. 

You can keep/protect up to 26 players from the previous season including NA players 
Keepers will be slotted in the later rounds 
For example, if you want to keep 16 of your 26 players, those 16 take up the 16 later rounds in the draft leaving you to draft prospects or free agents in the first 10 rounds 

MLB contracts are mirrored so when an actual MLB player's contract ends with is team, that player will go back into the waiver pool available to be drafted the next season. 

For example: So if Mookie Betts, after his deal expires this fall, elects to leave Boston and test free agency, his fantasy team (Boston in this case) loses him to FA to be picked up in the draft in March by whoever (even Boston again if they have the pick). IF THE FA RE-SIGNS WITH HIS TEAM, THE FANTASY TEAM THAT OWNS HIM KEEPS HIM.

All players drafted by chosen teams in the June MLB amateur draft automatically belong to their teams here once Yahoo creates them. All others can be claimed off the waiver wire as they become available
The FA Rule made clearer
Q- How does this rule apply if a player is traded from his MLB team rather than his contract simply expiring?
A- Getting traded in the MLB doesn't affect the fantasy player you own.

Q- Does a player who leaves via FA or traded, who is not part of your selected team, have to be dumped as well?
A- Only if he leaves via free agency, which is in the winter when our fantasy league is dormant, you wouldn't select any FA players you have as a keeper in that case before our March draft.

Specifically my STL owns Mike Trout, if he leaves his MLB team LAA, do I (STL) have to put him back to the FA pool?
A- Only if he leaves via free agency (see above)

Q- Does the rule only apply to players from your designated team (in my case - all STL players)?
A- If any STL players you own become FAs after their season, they return to the pool.

Now if any of your FA players re-sign with their MLB teams, you keep them.
Example, if Mike Trout is FA and is re-signed in Los Angeles, you as STL, keep him.
If Paul Goldschmidt is FA and re-signs in STL, you as STL, keep him.
If Trout or Goldschmidt sign elsewhere, you can draft them back to your STL if you have a high enough pick.

The draft therefore becomes an opportunity to not only add recently drafted MLB prospects but also a free agent signing.
It's about expiring contracts and the opportunity for other teams to have a crack at any players that otherwise would be hoarded forever.
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