This would be a great time to block your Patriot "Friend's" numbers

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I've already been called about this, but I'm pretty sure that the person on the other line needed a mirror not a phone. Would of been nice if someone reminded me, but this isn't my first rodeo, so I have no one to blame but myself. As you might imagine, I didn't get a word in edge wise on this topic and only after having to *cough* "hang up for another call," did I have a chance to do the "math" he repeatedly challenged me to do. So, here is the sum of my calculations.

+Tom, +Sony, +Demaryius, +Julian, +Josh, +Adam, +Antonio, +Jakobi ......the list was a bit too long, so no offense to the Hall of Fame level players I missed. Add in what could easily be viewed as a top 5 OL, one of  the best coach in the history of the game, and everything else I didn't feel like typing. Carry over the 1....So yeah, the math started looking pretty stacked indeed. But, let's not forget the number 17.

The 17 weeks:

of not forgetting to hydrate and stretch

of not popping positive for steroids

needed to get a working air-gauge.

remembering to avoid calling gang hits

and finally, the 17 weeks of not fumbling the ball or saying something stupid to Belichick

OH, and of course the number 1. Sure, it's everyone's goal to hold one finger high at the end of the season. But, it is also the number of snow days it would take to level the playing field, the number of losses it takes to choke in the Playoffs and the number of QB's on roster that can't accidentally digest a tomato. Medic! God save the Queen! Needless to say, it's a long road ahead, so I was a bit puzzled as to why he felt the need to call me the second it happened.

Lots of things crossed my mind. Maybe he thought that I would be Raven mad about this, being purple and black from way back, but he knows I've never been impressed with offensive minded teams. So after reaching out to our other friends, who he apparently hadn't spoke with in months, it dawned on me that I was targeted. He didn't call his squealer friends. He didn't go bragging to brown-town or our buds on distant shores. He raved to me, a fan that he fears, and I suspect this is his way to Quoth the Ravens "Nevermore."


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