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add/drop this week (involving Baker!) WHIR

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(my first listed team in my signature): in a 12 team 0.5 PPR auction keeper league where passing TD throws are worth 6 points. Guys are pretty wild typically going after QBs so I tend to draft LATE. However, this year, while guys like Lamar, Brees, Brady, Rodgers all went for 20+ somehow Watson & Kyler fell to me dirt cheap ($14 and $3, respectively). However, I made the mistake of trying to bid up Baker and earned him for $12 as well. 

Our waivers is a $200 for the season FAAB bidding. I'm looking at Darren Waller hard (he would have been my last draft choice had I not cluttered my bench with a 3rd QB), as well as John Ross, Malcolm Brown, and Chris Thompson. 
Most of the other big names, especially rookie WRs and TEs with big weeks, were already drafted (it's an auction keeper league, these guys are seldom on the wire). 

I will already be dropping Geronimo Allison to make room for one of these players. 

1. What order would you prioritize these pickups? John Ross, Darren Waller, Malcolm Brown, Chris Thompson. 
2. Would you drop Baker Mayfield? To be clear - I have spent a WEEK shopping him even before week 1 and there is zero interest. QB is too deep. It's either have Baker ride the bench behind Watson all year (and hope he blows up, letting me either make him a viable trade option or keep him and trade Watson) or dump his a** to waivers to make room for needed high-upside WR or RB guys. 

another note: no, I am not dropping Kyler of these three QBs. I'm all in on this dude, and for $3 in a keeper league, he may a worthy keeper option for next season. 

Offer your answers to #1 & #2 and WHY and I will help in return. Thanks!

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Im on a phone so i cant see your sig.  but i would drop baker.  And rock with watson and kyler as your backup.  Kyler is unknown but you said your all in.  So just go wit the faith.  Qb is def deep this year.  I would rank waller brown ross (who knows about aj) and then chris thompson.  Been burned by thompson so im just not a fan of him

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12 minutes ago, Tomei7 said:

Ross is priority and do not drop Baker...


what is your reasoning behind that and what use am I going to get out of him? 
He's not starting above Watson, meaning you think he's going to return that top 5 or 10 value that allows me to either trade him or send Watson (both things I couldn't even gain interest/traction in before week 1).

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