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Weekly H2H. 9 starters.. using Gio and Woodruff?

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Woodruff is starting the game and Gio is expected to follow him.  I assume they'll do something similar for the remaining 2 starts.  My opponent started both Gio and Woodruff in a 2-week finals period.  I have 3 finals matchups and 2 of them started both Gio and Woodruff.

I think originally they were both expected to get their own starts? But that doesn't seem to be the case now.  I'm thinking they both made mistakes starting those 2 guys but I'm not too sure since one has a good chance on the win and in limited use they could have shutdown innings.  IP, QS, W, K's are highly-important on Fantrax. W's and K's are probably most important, but IP of course.  But if you get 5IP 10K's and W then thats a great start for points.

Thoughts on if there might be some strategy?  Using 2 of their 9 SP on those 2 guys

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