16-tm|Auction|Keeper|$125|H2H|Rookie Draft|4th yr| ONE opening

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Hi all,

Mr. Rourke's Fantasy Basketball League, a 16 tm, 4th-year, auction keeper league has ONE immediate opening for an experienced, mature, long-term owner.

We had one owner drop last minute and need to find a quality replacement asap as our rookie draft is coming immediately (in fact we had to delay the rookie draft due this owner dropping at the last minute).

Good news:  4th year means lots of superstars (Harden, Towns, Giannis, Kemba, Westbrook, PG, Beal,Kyrie) are BACK on the auction market for this year.  It's a GREAT league with very little turnover. Available team does have the 10th pick in this year's rookie draft.

Bad news: The franchise he leaves behind will likely be a complete rebuild.  So I'm looking for someone who is more interested in joining a high-quality, long-term keeper league than trying to win in 2019-20.  

League Basics:

  • 16 tm

  • 9-Cat H2H (5 matchups per week)

  • Double-elimination H2H playoffs

  • Auction ($125 budget) Sunday, September 29th 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET

  • 12 man active roster (2-PG, 2-SG, 2-SF, 2-PF, 2-C, 2-Util); 6-man bench; 2-man IR; 4-man rookie roster

  • Keepers (up to 8 regulars + protected rookies) and contracts, extensions, etc.

  • Slow 2-round rookie draft starts asap.

  • Rules favorable to drafting and developing rookies before they become stars

  • $125 buy-in 

  • SEMI-WEEKLY FAAB, waivers and lineup lock.

  • for league management & LeagueSafe for finances

  • Perpetual traveling Championship Trophy

Full details on League Rules, Settings, and Bylaws can be viewed here:


Additionally, I can give you the roster rundown as well.

georgelindholm AT

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