Yahoo Dynasty Baseball Startup League

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Looking for owners to fill a new 20 team Head to Head dynasty baseball league on Yahoo that will begin play in 2020.  Looking for active owners on the Yahoo platform that use the app and communicate via the chat on the Yahoo app.

We are organizing in a 20 team basketball league (redraft style, just for fun) in order to get to know each other and also to organize the league with a plan on drafting the baseball league on the message board (slow draft) starting in November to be up and running when Yahoo opens up baseball in January.

Next summer, we will redraft the basketball into a dynasty and also add dynasty football.  You don't have to participate in all three next year but you do have to join the basketball portion this season so we can get organized.

Still sifting through all the rules, suggestions are welcome as me and the other commissioner finalize things.  I feel between the two of us we have a strong core we just need a few more to fill out.  If you ever wanted to do a dynasty baseball league from the ground up this is your chance.

You can respond here or PM me

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The goal is to establish a BASEball league for next season, however, Yahoo has closed baseball for this season.  So we are organizing in a BASKETball league in order to communicate, get to know each other, and draft the baseball league on the league message board slow draft style.

Next summer we will turn the basketball league into a dynasty for those that want to remain.  

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Did I mention this is a free league.  We do it just for fun and the spirit of good competition.  If you want to get in a group over multiple sports (baseball, football, basketball) this is your chance.

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