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MLB Playoffs Contest

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Entry: $40, 3 for 100
For each round of the playoffs, you must pick a series winner, total games and a certain number of hitters and pitchers.

Series Winner: 30 points
Total Games: 10 points

Hitting Stats
Total Bases, Walk, HBP, Run, HBP: 1 pt each
SB: 2 pts
Strikeout/Caught Stealing: -0.5 pt

Pitching Stats
Inning Pitched: 1 pt each (0.3 per third)
Strikeout: 1 pt
Walk: -0.5 pt
Earned Run: -1 pt
Win: 5 pts
Hold: 1 pt
Save: 3 pts

For the LDS, you’ll pick 4 hitters and 4 pitchers. For the LCS, you’ll pick 2 hitters and 2 pitchers. For the World Series, you’ll pick 1 hitter and 1 pitcher. You cannot pick the same player twice.

Start of Contest/LDS: Thursday, October 3, Noon
Start of LCS: Friday, October 11, Noon
Start of World Series: Tuesday, October 22, 3PM

Periodic updates will be sent on a spreadsheet through the contest, primarily when a round ends. The entry with the most points after all 3 rounds will be the winner. 2nd and 3rd places may be awarded based on total number of entries.

When sending entries, leave all memo notes blank. If interested, e-mail


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