fantrax h2h points free dynasty league needs 1 replacement (free)

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fantrax h2h(free league) points we just switched over to dynasty this year. its 30 roster spots with 5 minor league slots. previous owner has decided to abandon his team. team has some talent just  needs attention if interested please respond with email and fantasy experience. looking for someone who can follow rules. 

You MUST answer all emails and trade offers as promptly as possible. Don't let them expire plz. It's simple to answer either accept, decline or counter. 

Use your DL on your injured guys. Those spots are there for a reason. Put them to use. Every point matters so grab a guy off the wire to help you out until your everyday guy gets back from the DL. Also be sure to get those guys back off the DL when they are listed as active. if an active player remain on DL for more than 48 hours after being activated that player will be dropped to waivers

Keep those prospects out of your lineup spots and on your bench. Under no circumstances should you have a non MLB player in any slot on your roster other than "bench". keep your lineups set to have a full lineup everyday to the best of ur ability. dont leave guys who are playing on the bench while guys whos teams are off remain in your active lineup. a missed day here and there is acceptable but if it becomes an everyday habit you will get 1 and ONLY 1 warning repeated offenses will lead to you being replaced

You MUST fill out your entire lineup. By this I mean for instance theres 3 RP spots and you must have 3 rps rostered. 

We enforce the 10 start rule for starting pitchers. You cant have more than ten weekly so be sure to follow your starts. For an extended week like the all star break and the extra Sunday at the beginning of the season the match up will adjust the start limit accordingly. Always check your box score to check the limit and keep pace



CJ.T. Realmuto C - PHI disabledSmall.png playerNewsSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.png1BYuli Gurriel 1B,3B - HOU playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.png2BJose Altuve 2B - HOU playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.png3BVladimir Guerrero Jr. 3B - TOR disabledSmall.png playerNewsRecentSm.pngActgArrL.pngSSPaul DeJong SS - STL playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngOFKeston Hiura 2B - MIL playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngOFEloy Jiménez OF - CHW playerNewsRecentSm.pngActgArrL.pngOFAaron Judge OF - NYY playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngUTGio Urshela 3B - NYY disabledSmall.png playerNewsHotSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngSPDylan Bundy SP - BAL playerNewsSm.pngActgArrL.pngSPKyle Gibson SP - MIN playerNewsSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngSPDallas Keuchel SP - ATL playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngSPJoey Lucchesi SP - SD playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngSPJosé Quintana SP - CHC playerNewsRecentSm.pngActgArrL.pngRPJosh Hader RP - MIL playerNewsHotSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngRPLuke Jackson RP - ATL playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifActgArrL.pngRPJoe Jiménez RP - DET playerNewsRecentSm.pngActgArrL.pngCFrancisco Mejía C - SD playerNewsRecentSm.pngResgArrL.png1BJosh Bell 1B - PIT disabledSmall.png playerNewsSm.pngResgArrL.pngOFAustin Hays OF - BAL playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifResgArrL.pngOFNomar Mazara OF - TEX disabledSmall.png playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifResgArrL.pngOFHunter Renfroe OF - SD disabledSmall.png playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifResgArrL.pngOFnotPlaying1.pngGeorge Valera OF - CLE minorsSmall.pngResgArrL.pngUTplaying1.pngKhris Davis UT - OAKResgArrL.pngSPAnthony Kay SP - TOR playerNewsSm.pngResgArrL.pngSPEduardo Rodriguez SP - BOS playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifResgArrL.pngSPBrady Singer SP - KC minorsSmall.pngResgArrL.pngSPAlex Young SP - ARI playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifResgArrL.pngRPJordan Lyles SP - MIL playerNewsRecentSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifResgArrL.pngRPJustus Sheffield SP - SEA playerNewsRecentSm.pngResgArrL.png2BBrendan Rodgers 2B - COL disabledListSmall.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifIRgArrL.pngSSFernando Tatis Jr. SS - SD disabledListSmall.png playerNewsSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifIRgArrL.pngOFByron Buxton OF - MIN disabledListSmall.png playerNewsSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifIRgArrL.pngOFYoenis Céspedes OF - NYM disabledListSmall.pngIRgArrL.pngOFJoey Gallo OF - TEX disabledListSmall.png playerNewsSm.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifIRgArrL.pngRPJordan Hicks RP - STL disabledListSmall.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifIRgArrL.png2BnotPlaying1.pngJarren Duran 2B - BOS minorsSmall.pngMingArrL.png3BnotPlaying1.pngJonathan India 3B - CIN minorsSmall.pngMingArrL.pngSSnotPlaying1.pngXavier Edwards SS - SD minorsSmall.pngMingArrL.pngSSnotPlaying1.pngRoyce Lewis SS - MIN minorsSmall.pngMingArrL.pngSSnotPlaying1.pngBobby Witt Jr. SS - KC minorsSmall.pngMingArrL.pngOFnotPlaying1.pngJasson Dominguez OF - NYY minorsSmall.pngMingArrL.pngOFnotPlaying1.pngAlex Kirilloff OF - MIN minorsSmall.png fantasyColumnSmall.gifMingArrL.pngOFnotPlaying1.pngVíctor Víctor Mesa OF - MIA minorsSmall.pngMingArrL.pngOFnotPlaying1.pngHeliot Ramos OF - SF minorsSmall.pngMingArrL.pngSPBraxton Garrett SP - MIA minorsSmall.pngMin


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I'm interested, my fantrax username is SlipperGourd. Most of my fantasy experience lies in football, I commission two leagues, one dynasty, one re-draft, and I play in a convoluted league that is 3 10 team leagues with inter league playoffs. Baseball is my second favorite sport right behind football, so I'd like to try my hand at dynasty baseball. I love trading and I love getting to know the league and making friends.

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