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Need 8 Keepers - WHIR

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Hi everyone, just ended up wrapping up my 2nd title in the last 3 years, but need some opinions on who my keepers should be. The league is a 10-team, 6x6 h2h categories league with OPS and holds as the last two categories. We start 4 OFs and have CI and MI spots. Each team can keep up to 8 players for as long as they want and without any penalty. The players that I'm currently thinking of keeping are indicated with an asterisk. 

Please pick 8 of the following: 

Acuna* - obvious choice

Soto* - obvious choice

Bregman* - obvious choice

Mondesi* - obvious choice

Bryant* - get the feeling that he's actually underrated within the fantasy community. offers good positional flexibility (3B/OF) .

Machado* - disappointing first year in SD. was it an outlier or the new normal? 

Correa* - former dynasty darling that hasn't lived up to his potential due to injuries. seems to be a star on a per game basis (21 HRs in only 75 games).

S. Marte - just had the best year of his career. his top asset (SBs) might not be needed due to keeping Acuna and Mondesi. 

Ohtani - perfect player for a daily ESPN league as you can fully maximize his potential as both a hitter and SP. might still have another gear to hit. 

Flaherty* - young, stud SP who had an absolutely dominate second half of the season. could be a Cy Young contender for years to come. 

Sale - peripherals are great, but could be breaking down health wise. crazy to think that I wouldn't have room for a talent like his. 

McNeil - 2B is probably the worst position for fantasy purposes and provides a lot of value eligibility wise (2B/3B/OF).

Greinke - aging SP, but is on a great team and looks to still be an ace for fantasy.

Thanks in advance for your help! 

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Honestly, I think I'd keep Marte before Mondesi. 


My eight would be:









I ordered them as I would value them. It would be tough to leave Mondesi, Ohtani, and Greinke off. But I think they all have more significant concerns than the guys I chose. 



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