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Need 1 owner for espn 12 team $100 league

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One member's e-cheque payment originally marked as paid but then belatedly didn't clear, and due to his team's bad start he hasn't responded to messages or paid.


The record is 1-4 but the team isn't that bad. It's a full ppr deep roster league and the team has good pass catchers and volume monster Lev Bell with Darnold coming back.


You can view the team and the league settings here:


If anyone wants a project let me know what you would be willing to pay. The original buy in was $100 but obviously we would take less than that - but too low and we're better off just locking the team rather than giving someone a near freeroll.


The payouts will be adjusted slightly due to the reduced prize pool, but were stated as:


First: $600
Second: $300
Third: $100
Most regular season points: $200

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1 hour ago, Vblbaseball said:

Can’t see roster.  Is this a dynasty league?  Please email to


It's redraft.


The league is public so should be viewable, but in case it's not working here's a screenshot of the roster:



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