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Jus did my draft (10-team 9-cat Roto) - Thoughts? WHIR

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Here;s it how it went down:

1 (7) - Damian Lillard

2 (14) - Paul George - this was actually a mistake lol. I was talking to someone and didn't realize it was my turn. PG13 was the next auto-pick and by the time I looked back with 2 seconds left, it was too late :(

3 (27) - Deandre Ayton

4 (34) - D'Angelo Russell

5 (47) - Mike Conley

6 (54) - Brook Lopez

7 (67) - Robert Covington

8 (74) - Derrick Favors

9 (87) - Ricky Rubio

10 (94) - Marc Gasol

11 (107) - Gordon Hayward

12 (114) - Dewayne Dedmon

13 (127) - Mikal Bridges

Thoughts? Kicking myself with the PG pick but at least it's roto so I can save on games played and there's an IL it's some consolation.

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Yeah, you are kinda stucked with PG13, but i think D-Lo is also too high in this list. I would have paired Ayton with another big man to solidify FG%, REB & BLK's   and keep the TO's low. 

I hope D-Lo pays out for you, he seems to be underrated but if things get right, he might end up top 30 in 9cat. Good luck.


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