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Competitive 11th Yr Free ESPN H2H PTS League Needs 1

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I have a rare opening for a replacement owner in my 11th year, H2H Pts keeper league. I am searching for the following in a prospective owner:

- An owner who is passionate about fantasy basketball who wants to play for the fun of being tested by strong competition and who does not give up when things are not going well (competes strategically from start to finish).

- Perhaps an owner who does not play in a ton of leagues every year OR at least has the time to be active enough to work towards improving their team on a DAILY basis through free agency, streaming, trades, playing strategically etc..

- An owner who understands the players' values, especially in the context of keeper leagues and will not get taken advantage of in trades.

- Activity on the chat box/matchup discussion is a plus.

League Settings:
ESPN league
H2H Points 
12 team/ 13 player rosters, 10 starters
4 keepers (any 3, plus 1 from the 7th Rd. or later in the previous season's draft)
There is no IR spot
- Our DRAFT is Sat. Oct. 19th at either 12pm (noon) Eastern Standard Time (keepers lock Wednesday, Oct. 16th -- so you'd have until then to make trades before establishing/submitting keepers before the draft).
A little about the league in general:
- This will be our 11th season and we still have 9 out of 12 owners from season 1 even though none of us knew each other before entering the league (just random basketball fans from around the world)
- Teams are still fairly well balanced even heading into our 11th year.
- I believe we do not have anyone under 26-27, so it is a mature league full of people who are passionate about basketball. Of course younger basketball fans are entirely welcome but I'm just stating what we currently have in place.

- The league is very active in terms of daily acquisitions and lineups are set.

- There is moderate activity on the chat box daily through the season.

- Owners in this league are very knowledgeable and are not fooled by low-ball trade offers, but naturally you'll still see some low-ball offers anyways.

- There are a fair amount of trade offers made league-wide, but not a ton of executed trades due to owners' extensive knowledge of player values in keeper leagues after being in this league so long, not to mention, some owners in such a league have a tendency to fall in love with/overvalue their players (so just be prepared for that).

- Trade offers are almost always answered within 24 hours.

- There is typically, but not always, some discussion in the match up chat boxes throughout matches.

About the team available:
- Has the 2th pick in the draft (Draft starts in Rd 5 after keepers)
- Not a great roster compared to the rest but not terrible
Notable keeper candidates (pick 3 from this group of primary keepers)
Victor Oladipo
CJ McCollum
Jayson Tatum
Jamal Murray
Lonzo Ball
Kyle Kuzma

Notable 7th rd or later eligible keepers (pick 1)
Wendell Carter Jr.
Kevin Knox
Derrick Rose
Dwight Howard
Miles Bridges

Here is our scoring breakdown:
Points (PTS)0.2 
Blocks (BLK)3
Steals (STL)3
Assists (AST)1.7
Offensive Rebounds (OREB)1.5
Defensive Rebounds (DREB)1
Turnovers (TO)-2
Field Goals Made (FGM)3
Field Goals Attempted (FGA)-0.5
Free Throws Made (FTM)2
Free Throws Attempted (FTA)-1
Three Pointers Made (3PM)3
Double Doubles (DD)3
Triple Doubles (TD)5

If you're interested please E-Mail me at and tell me a little about your fantasy basketball experience and what interests you in joining this league. This is not first come, first serve. I am looking for the best candidate, so I won't respond if someone just leaves their e-mail address on the forum and nothing else. Also feel free to ask any questions you may have and/ or ask to check out the league's constitution. Thanks. 

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Wow. I guess a busy day on the boards today with so many fraud money leagues we moved to page 3 almost instantly. This league is FREE, for fun, activity, and bragging rights. Entering season 11 . Please contact me through the email displayed in the inititial post.

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