Kendrick Nunn 2019-2020 Outlook

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He will be a bum in one game and then a star in another, until this season ends. Nothing new.

Don't expect Nunn to win your season if your fantasy team already sucks to begin with.

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10 hours ago, Lifschitz said:

nunn has become the epitome of hit or miss discussion. Just take it easy, it's been like this all year, at the end of the day he's inconsistent and a rookie, not matchup proof, but he still belongs on rosters. This is a fruitless debate at this point, semantics. The pundits give him zero breaks, and his fans go nuts after one 30 point performance. 

Just put it to rest.

He goes off great, he sucks ok, it is what it is. He's going to be in that 14-17 range all year with his skill set, and that's solid for a rookie. His hot start caused a ripple effect of expectation, but it was never going to last at that pace. It would've made him one of the greatest rookies ever; so it set up false expectations.


I agree with this 100%.

In a 20 person league, so dropping him never really crossed my mind.

Been through it all: sell high window, no trade consideration cause of WW, this thread and the excessive back and forth lmao.

The Heat are a problem in the East. Great team to watch. He's definitely part of their success.

All of the rookies are talented, product of Miami developing guys. Plus Butler been struggling % wise. So it's bound to get better for them.


Nunn looks the most talented rookie IMO. Defensive liability rn due to size and lack of experience, that will come.


In terms of fantasy ups and downs will come w him. An unexpected plus 30 piece from a WW pickup on a Sunday can win you the week in H2H.


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 🎹 Nunnder Mifflin, the people's point guard scoring on people,  Nunnder Mifflin, the people's point guard scoring on people 🎹

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10 teamers = streamer


12 teamers = end of bench guy/high end streamer


14+ teamers = gotta be owned


simmer down cowfolk

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