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30 team Dynasty Roto League. Few openings.

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So you think you’re good at fantasy baseball? Its time to fine out. Winning a dynasty 30 team league is the hardest mountain to climb in fantasy baseball. Good news is we have a few openings for our league. Here is a little info about the league.


2020 will be the 3rd year of the league.

Roto scoring

25 man roster with 100 minor league system

$120 Million MLB salary cap/ $20 Million minors Salary cap

Playoffs are H2H

100$ per year entry fee (winner took home over $700 this season) Huge payout pool!

Fantrax is the main site we use

We use Slack for our league chat

We use Proboards for all actions + we have a full team finance sheet we update daily for your team

We have a team of 5 league managers to make the league run smooth

We have an in season podcast for the league

In season power rankings done

We have a few owners who write for fantasy baseball sites


This league is set up to mirror a real MLB GM as much as possible. Here are some actions you can do as an owner in the league:

Set a Trade Block on Proboards and Slack Chat


Team control options

Team Options


Contract Restructures

Contract Extensions

Call up minor league players and send guys down

Veteran free agency

Buyouts, releases and waivers

International free agency

Minors free agency

A off season first year player draft done on fantrax


I have been playing FB for 18 years and been a LM for multiple leagues. This is the best league I have every been apart of and its not close. No drama, respectful active owners who love baseball. I know it seems like a lot to do/learn but its not. Every process is done at a particular time of year and with our 5 LM group we have more than enough help for you to understand exactly what your doing.

Right now, we have 5 teams open. Some teams finished as high as 2nd in the standings to 27th. I will say in this year’s world series we had one team who was in last place 2 years ago. We are looking for owner’s who are mature, passionate about fantasy baseball and most of all active. I cant stress enough that this is a DYNASTY league. As in it has no off season. Do we slow down in the off season…yes. Is it ok to go MIA as an owner… no.

So if you think you have what it takes email for more info about the league and team options for you. Upon request I can show you the full team roster + financial, and the rules as well.


Take care.

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Ok another team is gone! Its first come first serve boys. Bottom line, if you're tired of joining a new league year after year and want some stability this is your league. All 5 of our LM have each over 15 years of experience. Come join the last league you will ever join. Hope to hear from you. Ty 

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