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Thin at PF and SG, who should I target? WHIR

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So I just drafted, and I was very pleased with KAT falling to me at #6 overall.  We play with some Denver peeps so Jokic was kind of a homer pick in the top 5, but I'll gladly take advantage.


12 team, 9 cat, weekly H2H league

6. KAT

19. Kyrie

30. Kemba

43. Mike Conley

54. Lord Covington

67. Myles Turner

78. Thomas Bryant

91. Miles Bridges

102. Gary Harris

115. Terrence Ross

126. Zach Collins

139. Marcus Smart

150. Kevon Looney

163. Patrick Beverley


I obviously got some amazing values with my first 7 picks, but i really restricted my draft and roster flexibility by taking 3 PGs and 3 Cs in that first 7 picks.  I set myself up to be pretty balanced across the board with my core players:


PG: Kyrie

SG: Need to improve, probably starting Gary Harris if I need a glue guy, Ross if I need 3s, and Marcus Smart functions as a bit of a handcuff for Kemba

SF: Covington

PF: Need to improve, I can plug Covington here until I get more PF eligible players, but right now my only other PF elig player is Looney


G- Kemba

F- Miles Bridges

Util - Mike Conley

Util - Myles Turner

Util - Thomas Bryant


Bench: whatever SGs I don't start, Zach Collins, Patrick Beverley


I obviously need to improve my starting SG with a trade.  I'll probably play the wire for Forward depth behind Covington, Bridges and Looney.


1. Do you like this team?  Or did I neglect SG, SF and PF too long?

2. Who are some strong targets I should consider on the early wire?

3. Any particular early trade targets you recommend I try for?


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It's funny we took a couple years off because I always win or lose in the finals at worst. They're gonna be thrilled 😂.


Also just read that Zach Collins will be starting at PF. So my PF depth actually should be all good. Guess I'm in better shape than I realized haha.

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