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72 Team Pyramid League

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The UCFFL is an 8th year, tiered league consisting of six, 12-team leagues. You start at College level (3 leagues), move to Pro level (2 leagues), and work your way to Ultimate League. Of course if you under perform, you can fall down a league too!

This league is played on Fanball's "Real Leagues" and the only $$ is to Fanball, which charges $9.95 for a two team package and 4.95 for each additional two team set. Fanball rewards the winner of each of their leagues with a free set of teams next season.

These are re-draft leagues, using an 8 hour time limit, email draft format. This years drafts are scheduled to begin at 8am (Eastern USA) on Monday August 11th, 2008. The drafts typically last around a week.

During the season, we have weekly stats and league-wide rankings.

We are in the process of organizing for this season, and we usually have a few dropouts each year (2 official openings at the time I write this).

New Teams will be given a spot in the College leagues on a first come, first serve basis. If you are a serious player and this league is for you, go to the league message board (, register, and post your team name in the New Players forum.

We also have a website with some info for the curious,

Also, here is a chart illustrating league promotion/demotion.

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