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$25 12-team HTH realtime auction league has an opening

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This is our 7th season and most of the owners have been in it since the beginning. Here is a synopsis:

* 12 teams HTH

* 13 week regular season, 3 week playoff (14-16)

* "league game" each week, where if you are in the top 6 scoring teams for that week, you get an additional W

* 20 man roster, no IR

* start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DF, 1 Coach

* $25 buyin, all booty goes out as prizes

$130: 1st Place

$75: 2nd Place

$50: 3rd Place

$25: 4th Place

$20: Top YTD scoring team (regular season)

* realtime online auction, probably sometime between 8/11-8/25 (we'll nail down a date within the next few days). worksheets are also available and can be turned On and Off at will.

* 100 fantasy dollars for the auction, whatever is not spent goes into the team's bank for use in free agency throughout the season

* +100 fantasy dollars deposit after the auction is completed

* free agency is a weekly during the regular season, using fantasy dollars

To view the rules and scoring system in detail (there are links to both the Scoring System and Rule Book):

This is a fun league and has credible owners - no jerks and no slackers. The online realtime auction is a blast.

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