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Looking For Owners To Join A Free Office Football Pool

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Invitation to an Office Football Pool from:

David Martorano


This pool is for people who wish to play for money as well as for people who wish to play for fun. I set this pool up on Its pretty simple- Each regular season game is picked against the spread and the person with the most games picked correctly wins for that week. Weekly winners are paid in the week following their victory. Tiebreakers are decided by the amount of key wins each team chooses for that week (4 picks each week must be designated as key picks).

There are also end of season payouts for the top finishers (The top 3) and for the person with the most key wins. These winners will be paid during the week following the last week of the regular season. Right around the beginning of the season (Sept. 3rd), an email will be sent out detailing the size of the pot and how it will be distributed.

The pool is a lot of fun and makes the football season better than it already is- Every game becomes worth watching.

The entry fee will be $200 per team. The collection date will be September 16th. Teams that have not paid by that date will be allowed to remain in the pool and compete for fun but will not be awarded money prizes.

Below is an email from the site which can be followed for signup. Also, feel free to pass along this invite to anyone you know who might be interested.

League Name: NY Sack Exchange League

Password: GangGreen League

ID Number: 35595

Dear DJM144, Your pool named NY SACK EXCHANGE has been sucessfully created. To have people join your pool, you can forward this email or send them the following directions: Instructions for joining the "NY SACK EXCHANGE" Pool: You need to be a member and logged in at Office Football Click on the link below and you will be guided through the process for joining this pool, including registering if you need to.;poolid=35595 &pwd=GangGreen Joining a pool and the website is pretty easy but it can be confusing to first time users. Please write me if you have any problems getting it started. Thank you, John Cranston Website Manager

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