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  2. Close one but I'll take Desclafani *waits for Rush's "drop both Queen City and Big Apple and move some mt for more offense" comment*
  3. We dont know yet how we will finish our roto league. I guess we just call it the way it is. Maybe divide your roto points by the number of games played? Do you know of any platform that will make a "mini-fantasy season" which will focus only on regular season/play-ins/play-offs?
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  5. Terrell Owens going for 1200yds-12tds his first year in philly and first year in Dallas had to be top 12 too or plaxico buress going for 1200 and 7 or Wes welkers first year with the pats. maybe that stat info just goes back to Marshall’s first year with the jets? Which isn’t as impressive since it’s only been like 4 years. But if it goes back to his first year with the bears it would be a little more impressive making it about 8 years since a wr who played for a different team made too 12 in their first season with that team. Either way it’s a good reminder that WRs going to a new team and dominating the first year is rare and usually only done by the elite which we all think DHop is but the odds are against him. I guess the real bad news with this info is for Stefan Diggs supporters
  6. while perusing the free agent list I saw that Khristian Robinson was a fa. I knew I was gonna pounce but had to cut a guy. Spencer howard, Arraez, CJ Abrams were my 3 options. Since I like Abrams and Arraez is really needed this year I cut Spencer howard for him. Always pays to look for guys who fall thru cracks.
  7. Spot on - anyone who thinks the Chiefs owe some kind of deference to Damien Williams has their head in the sand.
  8. Hello. Everyone can be at risk so "majority" means nothing if you are younger and die from the virus. But even if ONLY these people you cite were at risk, well guess what? EVERYONE can be little asystematic plague rats giving this virus to to these people. This is the thing people that say "let's lock up the older folks and the sickly and get on with having fun" keep forgetting to mention. It's this attitude of treating these people like they don't count for diddly to the party crowd who are just about me me me that boils my blood. This horrible inability at empathy and self-discipline towards those that need this conduct from said potential little selfish plague rats. Sorry but the "it's just old folks and sickly folks so who cares about us infecting them" attitude drives me crazy.
  9. Pretty sure Yahoo will do same as it did with NHL fantasy, HOWEVER if the NBA resumes with 22-24 teams and has a handful of actual regular season games as a tuneup for the teams playing (as in the NBA officially considers them regular season games, not play-in games or something else) then I think there is a small chance Yahoo decides on a different route —maybe even just closing out Week 21. Very unlikely but not impossible.
  10. yea but how many teams are rotating 4 rbs? keep him fresh sure but you need some consistency with touches. already said it before but ingram avg 5 ypc is doing a pretty reasonable job and should continue to get the majority of touches as long as he produces
  11. Ingram is a really good back and has shown no signs of slowing down. Why would the ravens take away his touches when he was very efficient with them last year? The Dobbins pick kills Hill & Edwards, not Ingram in my opinion.
  12. You realize that Edwards and Hill are still on the roster and that Dobbins is better than both, right? I think 15 touches a game is possible but it is his best case scenario and then you have to factor in likely TD regression. If you read my earlier posts you'll see that I'm an Ingram fan but I'm also a realist.
  13. Last pitcher on roster. Anthony Desclafani Steven Matz Thanks for your help WHIR
  14. I mean, the biggest problem with OPs draft isn't even the strategy it's the picks. Hill and Kittle are fine. Andrews in round 3 is a bad pick. Andrews in round 3 when you already have a TE is a horrible pick. His ADP is near round 5 and I would say that is a round too high. Just an absolutely baffling pick. Prescott in round 4 is an awful pick. He also carries a 6th round ADP and his last season is likely closer to an anomaly than anything else. A defense in the 8th round is just absurd. So when you take that into account with using a strategy that needs to lineup perfect it's just impossible to have a great team. Instead of Andrews the pick should have been like Odell, Evans, Golladay or something like that. Instead of Dak it should have been like Allen, Hilton, or Kupp and instead of the Bills it should have been another RB or maybe a QB there. You're going no RB and your WR2 is DK and WR3 is Slayton? That's tough.
  15. To be able to watch football games at any time for free?
  16. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the 3: I would probably lean towards Zeke though
  17. All three are pretty awesome and only 24 so there should be plenty more juice in the tank. In PPR I really like Kamara, but it has to be said he had a bit of a down year and would need to get back to his 2018 form and health. It's possible Zeke is the safest of these three (Cook has his own health issues).
  18. Sorry, but I still think you’re way off base here. Regarding the Philadelphia region: -We have data points from other parts of the country on successful reopening’s without a spike in cases, or more importantly hospitalizations -The curve has been flattened -Hospitalization capacity is in abundance -The number of daily cases continues to drop despite increased testing -The vast majority of people getting seriously ill are the elderly and/or immune compromised. These people need to avoid partaking in reopening activities. The “at risk population“ has been identified What else do you need? To base reopening decisions on one single metric that was set as a benchmark months ago when we had significantly less information on COVID is nonsensical. Wolf and health secretary Levine have admitted as such themselves when pressed by the media on why they allowed other counties to move to the yellow phase despite not reaching the 50 cases per 100k threshold. The article I posted regarding Philly not allowing outdoor dining was from before there were any riots/protests. It may not be a “great tragedy” to you that these places are not allowed to reopen - but to the small business owners and their furloughed, low wage employees it is a big deal. It’s also discouraging to the young, healthy, low risk population that wants to get back to some semblance of living their lives. I don’t really believe in these political theories regarding reopening - but to not have a plan for outdoor dining, and thus delaying an already drawn out process further, when you’ve known this day was coming for the last 2 and a half months is mind blowing. It’s a strong example from an overall process that has been moving too slowly in the region. Like you and I both stated though, this situation is now even more complicated on several levels due to the violent protests and destruction in the city.
  19. no one said he wont be involved but you make it seem like 15 touches for ingram isnt possible edwards+hill had almost same total touches as ingram last year (edwards 140, hill 64, ingram 228, lamar 176) only way ingram doesnt get 15ish touches is if he doesnt have any juice left or is just clearly outperformed
  20. Isn't it just a rerun of the games? What's the benefit?
  21. Dear John, You have stolen my pick. I had dude written down, in pen!
  22. In order to get everyone in one place, let's go over here, as proposed on the ESPN forum: I think we have 6/10 there now, would be good to have everyone
  23. Finding it hard to separate between Zeke, Kamara, and Cook in PPR redraft this season. I have the fourth pick and am pretty sure the guys in front will be going CMC, Barkley, Thomas. What RB would you grab as your RB1 in PPR and why? I know they're all stars and can't go too wrong, so would love any advice. WHIR
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