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  2. The owners are the bad guys in these negotiations. There should be no consideration by MLBPA of anything less than an 80-game season. 48 is ludicrous. These owners are crying about losing 326-million and showing no proof of those losses. And even if their numbers are correct, 326-million is about 10.8-million for each owner. That's a drop in the bucket for those in the billionaire club. To put it another way, that's about the cost of a number 4 starting pitcher.
  3. i think the discussion on whose fault sort of misses an essential truth. its going to be very bad for baseball long term if all the other sports can figure out how to play their games in offseason and baseball can't get it together for a shortened season. i know both parties agree in the correctness of their position....and i won't dispute the arguments either side have. but we all lose if they can't compromise.
  4. Carroll probably has wet dreams of Henry as his RB.
  5. yeah I can’t troll barkley with a straight face any longer. He’s the truth. I was impressed with JTs work in the passing game at the combine. You’re simply not going to get a lot of receptions in the Wisconsin system. Not a lot to do with Taylor’s versatility out of the backfield. That will be the area he catches many off guard. He’s a complete back.
  6. Ohhh good counter. but you’re wrong 👀
  7. Gordon also had damn near 2,600 rushing yards. Clement had 1,400 in 2016, Gordon 2,600 in 2014, Gordon 1,600 and James White 1,400 in 2013, Ball 1,800 in 2012, Ball 1,900 in 2011, and they had THREE 1,000 yard rushers in 2010. Wisconsin pumps out absurd rushing numbers like nobodies business regardless of who is running the ball. I'm not knocking Taylor or anything but he damn sure isn't Barkley. Not even close. There's a reason he went #2 overall as a RB.
  8. Not necessarily. It might be that with merchandising and existing ad and TV contracts and the like, they take in a certain amount which is not dependent on the number of games played or has non-proportional give backs in them. And what would be a constant cost per game of the players salaries would become a greater percentage of their total costs as they played more games. Only the owners know that obviously. There is no way imo owners are going to make less consciously to stick it to the union. That makes no sense at any level imo. There has to be some sort of rationale with the numbers behind what the owners are doing. Maybe 48 is there break even number and anything more would net a one knows where that line is. As to some comments made that the owners should take a hit and lose money, that is very magnanimous of those asking others to lose money one is in business to lose money and there is no reason for them to do so. The players union can complain otherwise and take it out on the owners after the 2021 season, but all they are really doing is shooting themselves in the foot at this point imo. They refused to give anything beyond the pro-rated rate...they get exactly what they asked for. They do not determine how many games the owners decide they want to bring forth. As to any semblance of the game being hurt, the numbers for 2020 are already going to be "asterisked". 48 games or 80 games is not going to change any of that.
  9. Yeah Jimmy G was my lean. Not sure if he will ever be a QB1 though I think the only players capable of being a low end QB1 next year are Ben and Rivers, though betting on them is a vote of confidence that they are not washed. Love and Herbert (though I don’t like him as a prospect) are probably the only ones capable of being QB1s in four or five years. I do see Jimmy G as the best tradeoff of both though
  10. For me, I think the best combo of age and upside is Jimmy G. He's the guy now and for the future and entrenched with an awesome coach in Shanny Jr. Great weapons too. I am not sure if guys like Herbert or esp Love are rosterable in such a shallow league (even being SF)...but I like there ceilings more than the others guys, even if a guy like Big Ben would be a lot more useful for the moment being.
  11. Barkley also had more receptions in his junior year than JT did his entire collegiate career.
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  13. Apparently Barkley’s 2,043 yards his rookie season don’t count.
  14. rivers has been sacked 445 times, so it's no wonder his body is crumbling and crunchy. in the last 10 years, he averaged at 2 sacks per game.... these sacks don't count general hits of course. so imagine what rivers might do with a more capable offensive line... then again, andrew luck was hit hard enough and often enough to force him into retirement. saving rivers may take more than that 0.5 sack per game difference. i'd upgrade doyle from "terrible" to "servicable on bye weeks." he should be on the waiver wire in 12-team leagues. you're grasping, hoping, but... unless you're in a 16-team+... i do not see it. even if burton is mediocre, and even if allie-cox does not get many targets (though coaches say they want to increase his role), doyle is stuck in that 70-target range. his catch percentage was at an all-time low last season (59.7%). we will see the backfield of indy doing well, but doyle no. in 8 seasons doyle has only put up one decent enough season ending at TE9, and he needed 108 targets to get to this 690 yards and 4 TDs. i suggest trading doyle if you can get a draft pick and instead stashing asiasi, kmet, or trautman. in my two dynasty drafts, all three have gone very late.
  15. The original deal was prorated salaries. If the owners just did that, there would be baseball starting tomorrow. The players counter was in the spirit of the original agreement. If the owners will lose money in an 82 game season I highly doubt they would make any in a 50 game season either. The owners and players made an agreement already. No other union in the country would sign an agreement for pay, then walk it back so that they get paid less than agreed to. That sets them up for being steamrolled in the next CBA because the PLAYERS would have already given up concessions and would seem desperate to ownership. But every plan so far from ownership has hinged on changing the pay agreement already made. If they did prorated salaries for a 50 game season, based on the current deal already approved by MLBPA and ownership the commissioner could make a schedule and the players would either be forced to play, or receive nothing, including service time. Ownership, however, feels the need to make players take less in pay then the agreement, and so this cannot happen without MLBPA sign off, which won't happen.
  16. Love pitching GIFs....
  17. Right on the first count Way off on the second. barkley hasn’t had a single 2000 yard all purpose season. Not in college. Not in the pros. JT is yet to have a season where he DIDN’T top 2K. It doesn’t take a keen eye to spot the kind of talent this kid has. He’s going to be a star.
  18. Probably Sportsline CBSSPORTS......
  19. I was curious, thanks for clarifying, I did the deal and got Soto on my team
  20. Doyle is occupying one of my final roster spots in a deep dynasty. To me, as long as Burton doesn't have a unprecedented rebirth, Doyle is amazing value. I agree he should be on the TE1/2 borderline, but he has upside to be a Hunter Henry clone with Rivers. Stash him if you can.
  21. 8 Team 4 point Passing TD, 6 Point Rushing TD Current QBs are Watson, Daniel Jones and Darnold Here are the QBs expected to be available at my waiver slot as our dynasty league converts to SF: Jimmy Garoppolo Ben Roethisberger Philip Rivers Justin Herbert Dwayne Haskins Nick Foles Teddy Bridgewater Jordan Love Derek Carr Ryan Fitzpatrick One might be off by my slot but that is unlikely, and it is also possible that after every team has picked a QB, that I will get a shot to add another one to bring my total up to five QBs--no idea who will be available at that time though Which of these guys would be your lean in 8 team dynasty Superflex? Drop a link and WHIR 100%
  22. For just 2021: Verlander but in any kind of keeper/dynasty league Clevenger
  23. Straight up yes but I would not include Verlander as well, that's a pretty high price
  24. Just to make myself a little more clear: I like the Soto side
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