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  2. If a team is well constructed that means Koo is on it.
  3. Some interesting name were non-tendered Some of the more interesting names for fantasy; Schwarber, Duvall, Rosario, Dahl, Mazara, and Bradley.
  4. Given no Fuller in Houston I’d definitely go tannehill 100%
  5. I'm not sure that 2019 Allen and 2020 Robinson are analogous situations here As per BBM total values, Allen jumped from 131 in 2018 to 55 in 2019, then to 51 in 2020 even after BKN brought in DeAndre Jordan for a time share at C. Regardless, those who were high on Allen after his 2018 rookie season have largely been proven correct unless they were advocating for 4th round or higher Robinson jumped from 67 in 2019 to 46 in 2020, all in spite of his absurd foul rate limiting his mins as well as the coaching trainwreck in New York. Not a 2nd or 3rd rounder but he's pretty well established a 4th round floor by now So Allen has been limited by a positional time share and Robinson has been limited by his absurd foul rate. Neither of these limitations apply to Wood who commits 2.7 fouls per 36 mins and who joins a team that wiped clean their PF/C rotation from last season. A notoriously cheap Rockets owner who's strapped in salary cap hell with a "win-now" team that just went out of his way to bring in Wood on a multi-year deal. Add it all up and Wood getting at least 30 mpg is not only merely possible -- it's not even probable -- it should be expected. For better or worse, outside of injury Wood is solidly entrenched as Houston's primary guy in their PF/C rotation going forward. The limiting factors that've constrained the floors of Allen and Robinson (positional competition, foul rate) simply do not apply to Wood and that's even if you expect Cousins to get heavy rotational mins for Houston
  6. This is true, but keep in mind Week 7 was also Debo’s first game back of the season and I believe he was on a limited snap count.
  7. I would keep the browns D and pick up the rams out of those choices. Probably drop Moss if it were me.
  8. In full point PPR, Koo is 50 overall in scoring, that means he is outscoring RBS QBS WRS and TES. Now would I keep a kicker no, because I wear a crown of thrones upon my liars chair. KOO is what like 7/7 from 50, coiuldbe off by one or two since I don't have the page open for him. In a 12 team PPR he is still potentially a better option over the final 10 give or take. I am keeping him in my 10 keeper though, just not the 5 as stated above.
  9. Out of those choices it would be between shepherd and mattison. But I would probably go shepherd as cook is injury prone and mattison could step in.
  10. Really tough call here... this year when u look at Tannehill, he really has eaten well when facing poor secondaries... Cleveland with a really banged up secondary applies here. On the other Watson has not been good when fuller has been out and facing a tough Indy Def.... id go Tanny help?
  11. I’ll come back and take my licks as I was one saying it wasn’t time to drop yet (league dependent) and I as holding another week. Well, I was wrong. Will be dropping except maybe in deeper 12 teamers. Watching the game, that team is a mess. B. Perriman, welcome to your new home.
  12. Here's a few of my favorite DST pairs to grab now for the next 4 weeks: 1) Seattle Seahawks + Los Angeles Chargers My favorite pair of defenses to stash for the final weeks of the season are the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Chargers. Seattle has been in the Christmas spirit all season long, gifting RBs, QBs, and especially WRs with bags and bags of fantasy points. This defense has been a mouth-watering match-up for line-ups all season, however things have seemed to have started clicking for the Seahawks defensive unit. Over the last 3 weeks the best WR performance has been 17 points from Josh Reynolds, holding players like Deandre Hopkins, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp to low outputs. The last 3 QBs to face the Hawks have finished below expectation – Week 10 Jared Goff finished as the QB22 – Week 11 Kyler Murray was the QB11 – Week 12 Carson Wentz the QB7 (on the back of a last second garbage time Hail Mary – take away that play and he finishes around QB20). Jamal Adams has been back on the field these last few weeks and has been a force for Seattle near the line of scrimmage. The reason Seattle is so attractive is because of their schedule – the next 3 games they play the New York Giants at home, New York Jets at home, and then the Washington Football Team on the road. The Giants and Jets have given up the 5th most, and most points to DST’s respectively. Both teams will be flying out to the West Coast and Seattle projects to be heavy home favorites for both match ups. The Giants have a respectable defense this year, currently ranking 10th in both yards and points allowed per game. Expect the Over/Under on that game to be one of the lower ones on the slate, coupled with the fact we’re probably looking at Colt McCoy under center for the G-Men. The Jets are the Jets and are doing their best Tank for Trevor job this season. Ranking near the bottom in points and yards, the Jets defense is one of the league’s worst. I expect a bit higher of an Over/Under for this game, but all those points falling on the Seattle side. The Jets have averaged a little over 12 points a game with Darnold under center. Seattle should be the #1 DST available in Week 14. Week 15 won’t be as easy as the last 2 weeks. The Washington Team has been playing better football the last few weeks with Alex Smith under center. Antonio Gibson has gotten better each week and Terry McLaurin looks like a young star in the making. However, Washington has given up plenty of sacks and turnovers which should give the Seattle defense plenty of fantasy points in case Washington scores a few times. Outside of this recent game against Dallas, you’ve done well if you’ve played the DST against Washington. Week 16 the Seahawks take on the Rams at home in a tough divisional game which could be crucial to the divisional race. This game will probably have an Over/Under on the lower side, and while at one time a team to completely avoid, the Rams offense hasn’t been too imposing this year. The Rams currently give up the 12th most fantasy points to opposing defenses and being a tough divisional game at home, the Seahawks defense should be fine in this one. However, I understand the notion people may not want to play against Sean McVay’s offense in championship week, so that’s why I suggest pairing Seattle with the LA Chargers. In Week 16 the Chargers host Denver at home, who have given up the 3rd most fantasy points to defenses. This past week against the Saints with their RB carousel playing QB didn’t help at all, but these Broncos have been bad on offense all season. Denver gives up 2.2 sacks per game and leads the league with 26 giveaways. Pairing these two defenses together means you’ll be playing against this schedule over the next 4 weeks: Week 13: New York Giants at home Week 14: New York Jets at home Week 15: Washington Football Team on the road Week 16: Denver Broncos at home 2) Minnesota Vikings + Houston Texans The next pair of defenses I like are the Vikings and the Texans. The Texans have had a renaissance as a team since Bill O’Brien was let go, winning 3 of their last 4 and Deshaun Watson looking like an entirely new QB. Before the bye week, Houston was giving up 31 points per game on average, but only 20 points per game since. Romeo Crennel has this team playing with some fire, especially on the defensive side of the ball. CB Bradley Roby was recently suspended 6 games for PED abuse, so it certainly weakens Houston on the back end. However, Houston gets enough pressure/sacks led by JJ Watt and Co. that they should provide plenty of fantasy points for your team. Houston is a team you absolutely want to play Week 14 and Week 16 but could possibly play them Weeks 13 and 15 if need be. Let’s look at their schedule. The juicy matchups we want them in the line-up include Week 14 at Chicago, and then Week 16 home against Cincinnati. Chicago gives up the 4th most points to DSTs led by a blistering combination at QB of Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles. Man, imagine passing on Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes to select Mitch Trubisky? The Chicago Bears have been sputtering of late, losing 5 straight games with their highest offensive output being 25 points in a blow out last week against the Packers. Chicago gives up 2.5 sacks per game on the season, and close to 3 per game over their last 3 games. Additionally, Chicago is near the top of the league in giveaways with 18 on the season. Not on the same level as the New York Jets, but this is an offense you want to target when you can for DST. Week 16 doesn’t need a ton of analysis to be honest. The Texans take on the Bengals at home. The Bengals were a match-up to target before Burrow went down, and now it pushes that notion even further. Led last week by Brandon Allen, we can’t expect Cincy to provide much offensive fire power for the rest of the season. Regardless if the QB is Allen or Finley, this is a team that doesn’t score a ton and gives up defensive plays in bunches. Cincy gives up 3.5 sacks per game, second most in the league. They rank right behind Chicago in the turnover department, with 17 giveaways this season. With Burrow they weren’t putting up consistent points, but had a few outbursts against Cleveland, Jacksonville, Indy and Tennessee. However, they’ve put up 9 and 17 the last two weeks respectively. So, the Bengals provide lots of sacks, giveaways and aren’t a threat to score at all. They will most likely be underdogs with very low Over/Under in their remaining games, so fire up the DST in this match up. Weeks 13 and 15 you CAN play the Texans but pairing them with Minnesota makes a delicious schedule. Quickly, the Texans play Indianapolis Weeks 13 and 15. They haven’t necessarily been an offense to target, but not one to avoid either, currently right in the middle of the league in points given up to DSTs. Phillip Rivers has shown his age this season, however the Colts have been a somewhat “safe” offense. They’re near the bottom of the league in giveaways, and in sacks given up. They protect the ball and their QB at a high rate. While they aren’t a scary match-up like KC or NO, they aren’t a cake walk either. That’s why I love pairing the Texans with the Vikings for this stretch. The start of the season was a rocky one for Minnesota, losing their first 3 games and 5 of their first 6. Coach Mike Zimmer’s seat was certainly on fire and looked like a lost season for this team. However, they have managed to turn things around; winners of 4 of their last 5. The defense seems to have had a resurgence, giving up 22 points per game over that stretch, compared to 32 points a game before the bye week. Minnesota isn’t a flashy defense, garnering only 1.7 sacks per game (24th in the NFL) and 13 turnovers this season (19th in the league). But they’re Week 13 and 15 matchups are too good to ignore, and line-up perfectly with the Texans schedule. Week 13 we see the Vikings take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in Minnesota. The Jags have played a little QB roulette the last few weeks after losing Gardner Minshew to a hand injury. Jake Luton showed he wasn’t the answer and Mike Glennon almost got the Jags a win over Cleveland this past week. Whether it’s Glennon, Luton, or Minshew this is a team to target for fantasy DSTs. They give up the 12th most fantasy points to DSTs, 14th most giveaways this season with 16, and average giving up 2.7 sacks per game, the 8th worst rate in the NFL. Week 15 makes the mouth water as we get another matchup against Chicago. We dove into the Chicago matchup a few paragraphs up when we discussed the Texans, so we can apply all those same reasons again here for the Vikings. Play your DSTs against Chicago. Pairing these 2 defenses together means you’ll be playing against this schedule over the next 4 weeks: Week 13: Jacksonville Jaguars at home Week 14: Chicago Bears on the road Week 15: Chicago Bears at home Week 16: Cincinnati Bengals at home Honorable Mention: Las Vegas Raiders + Arizona Cardinals If you’re in a league that hordes defenses for some reason and even the middle tier guys like Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston and Minnesota aren’t available, the Raiders and Cardinals combo can provide solid matchups. Digging a bit deeper in the DST streamer basket, here we have two defenses that haven’t been considered much, if at all, this season. However, let’s take a closer look first, at the Raiders. They have had a brutal schedule this year, playing several of the league’s top offenses including the Saints, Chiefs (X2) Bills, Buccaneers, Chargers and Falcons. They aren’t a sexy defense, ranking near the bottom of the league in sacks and takeaways. They’ve given up 29 points per game which ranks 28th in the NFL. So why are we considering them? They play the New York Jets in Week 13. The Jets have been fantasy Santa this year, giving out the most points in the NFL to DSTs. They are an anemic offense led by Adam Gase, and honestly, I think having Darnold in the line-up makes them worse. As a Jets fan, I obviously hope at this point we come away with Pick #1 and Trevor Lawrence in the draft. Flacco scared me a few times there almost pulling out a win or two. But alas, Sam Darnold is back, and right on cue the Jets came out and scored 3 points against the Dolphins. While the Raiders defense seems like one to avoid, there’s death, taxes and play your DST against the Jets. The Cardinals have been a sneaky good defense this year. They’re 14th in the league, giving up 23.5 points per game, have 14 takeaways on the season and rank 10th in the NFL with 2.5 sacks per game. Scoring format might be different depending on league, but they’re ranked as the 11th overall DST so far this season. Arizona is only rostered in 21% of Yahoo leagues, so good chance they’re on your waiver wire. I think the stink of the last few years has carried over with them, and people aren’t paying attention to the great work Vance Joseph is doing this season. They have a great schedule to round out the season. Week 14 they travel to take on the New York Giants. With Daniel Jones under center the Giants were giving up the 6th most points to DSTs, and now we might see Colt McCoy for a few weeks as Jones nurses a leg injury. Whether it’s Jones or McCoy, the Cardinals should be heavy favorites in this one and the DST should have a nice day. Week 15 Arizona gets Philly at home. If anyone has watched the Eagles lately, it’s incredible how terrible the offense is. The offensive line might be worst in the league, giving up 4.2 sacks per game, ranking dead last in the NFL. Plus, they have been in a very giving spirit, with 21 giveaways this season, 3rd most in the league. Over the last 3 games they have scored a consistent 17 points each. This offense is right up there with Chicago, Cincinnati, etc. to target against DSTs. Week 16 the Raiders take on Miami, and the Cardinals take on San Fran. One caveat here, IF Tua is starting for Miami, I think you can play the Raiders DST however if it’s Fitzpatrick, I would avoid. For Week 16 either way you can confidently play Arizona; they take on the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers currently give up the 8th most points to DSTs, they give up 2.5 sacks per game and are right behind Philly, with 20 giveaways this season, 4th most in the league. While the 49ers offense was spectacular last season, this year has been a different story. Pairing these 2 defenses together means you’ll be playing against this schedule over the next 4 weeks: Week 13: New York Jets on the road Week 14: New York Giants on the road Week 15: Philadelphia Eagles at home Week 16: San Francisco 49ers at home
  13. PPR. 1 team needs a win & puts up 200 pts, while team ahead of him needs to lose & only score 60 pts. Its possible, but not likely. Interested in D Henry. Is this a fair offer: #1: Give CEH, Gio, & Jakobi for D Henry? His other RB: McKissic, McKinnon, & White. I am in playoffs,, so not worried about this week. I want to make a fair offer, so I don't upset others also in playoffs. Here is my team, if you see a different offer: Rb:CEH, Swift-Q, Gio, Mixon-IR, Harris, Lindsay Wr: DJ Moore-bye week, K Allen, AJB, Landry, Jakobi. Te: TJ. Qb: Ben & Brady Play qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 2 flex, te, def, k Dropping Lindsay for 1 of L Murray, Booker, Kerryon(for Swift), or Z Moss. #2: Or target someone like Chubb, whose team is out of playoff contention? Offer CEH & who else?
  14. Yep. Let’s not forget that week 7 was with Deebo. Deebo went 5/65. On week 8, Bourne went 8/81 when Deebo was out. I think this shows that two WRs can do well in this offense, especially Aiyuk.
  15. Maybe Harden and AD are better but then very difficult group to give advantage to somebody: KAT, Curry, Doncic, Jokic and Giannis. I can say right now I have not decided yet.
  16. Well, Bell looks terrible out there. If we see it then Andy sees it. I'm fairly confident that CEH will maintain 12-15 touches per game and I'm ok with that. He is not Kareem Hunt in his rookie season but I think he will be effective during the playoffs. His talent is still prime Brian westbrook level so his prospects for next year are still very high to take on more touches per game for all you dynasty guys and I'd expect Bell will be replaced with DWilli
  17. Here are the rules: If the positive test was on Saturday, only 9 days will have passed by Monday's game. So, he's out under that rule. But is he symptomatic? If not, he could play under the 5 day rule.
  18. I'm less concerned about him playing this week because it's the Bears. Definitely sucks if you're fighting for the playoffs. But his Week 14 and Week 15 are insanely good matchups and I will roll him out confidently if he's active. My worry is that if he's still not through protocol this week we may be looking at a season-ending injury, especially given that the Lions are trash.
  19. Super disappointing because I was counting on him as a key piece of a playoff run. If he doesn't make it back this week then what? I don't know how I'd feel about using him week 14 if he's active then, with the concern the team eases him back in. I know concussions aren't like other types of injuries that can necessarily be 'aggravated' but I could still see the team being careful
  20. I would take him over Curry and Giannis, not AD or Harden though.
  21. Yeah, if there's nothing concrete by Sunday morning, I think you have to start someone else, despite how juicy the matchup against the Cowboys is. You could grab Dalton as insurance, but that's probably a poor decision. You are better off with someone like Cousins or Hill or dare I say Trubisky instead of potentially chancing Tuesday and being stuck with Dalton.
  22. Flores has done an excellent job with the Dolphins defense. They are a top 10 defense if not top 5. I think the offense needs some help. Chan Gailey has a long and storied history with Ryan Fitzpatrick and as they transition to Tua I think it would behoove them to seek out a different OC that can help fit an offense to Tua's strengths. Some of my favorite up and coming offensive playcallers would be: 1. Shane Waldron - LAR pass game coordinator. Helped lead Jared Goff to back to back 4,000 yd and 20 TD seasons, had 2 1,000 yard receivers in Kupp and Woods. 2. Mike Kafka - KC QBs coach and passing game coordinator - Bienemy gets all the credit and rightfully so but if you like the KC offense and want a bright young mind who has spent 4 years with Andy Reid then Kafka would be the next man up at OC for KC when Bienemy takes a head coaching gig so I'd hire Kafka and let him bring some of the KC concepts to the Miami offense. 3. Duce Staley - PHI RBs coach and assistant head coach. Philly offense has been a disaster but Duce has had the running game on point for Philly for many years and has been passed over for play calling duties in Philly many times. I think he is an up and coming offensive playcallers that deserves an opportunity though I'm not sure how good he would be at developing a QB like Tua. 4. Steve Sarkisian - his history with Tua would make him a slam dunk hire as OC and assistant head coach but he is a highly sought after coach in the college ranks and would be highly highly unlikely that he would pass a head coach college job for an assistant nfl job. Waldron and Kafka would be my top 2 choices. The dolphins have a ton of picks this draft, I'd like to see them get some offensive playmakers. Najee Harris and Devonta Smith make too much sense. I'm not sure the Dolphins would do that but the familiarity Tua would have with them would be extremely advantageous to a younger QB and they are thirsting for some offensive pop.
  23. 100%! They could run the ball successfully, but they don’t really need to.
  24. Just trying to get into Flores head, the only reason why he might want to start Tua is because it's an easy matchup and would help his confidence.
  25. anyone know the accumulated record of the steeler opponents? what happens if kc has to go to pittsburg for the afc final in january?
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