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  2. The best way to gauge his value is to post a message to your league and see what offers come back.
  3. BBM has an estimate for Feb 11 (9 games) and they're close to accurate (checked out Siakam and Irving when they were out) You can monitor any changes through the site as they update here and there.
  4. Since this is your 20th roster spot just flip a coin.
  5. Any update with my man? Realistic targeting return around ASB?
  6. His game is fantasy friendly and he looks better real life lately. In dynasty leagues i would say he is must own.
  7. CJ should probably take his time in healing his ankle.
  8. Burks starting and the absence of Draymond affect him negatively, as both Burks and Paschall are higher usage guys compared to Robinson and Dray. I assume he'll be fine when those guys return.
  9. This guy drops some tantalizing lines. He's been close to top 100 the last two weeks and has bumped up the FG% to 40% during that period. The threes and steals can be sick, if he keeps improving that percentage he looks like a very nice final two month play, especially if they keep giving him the minutes/shots, because he's supremely talented. On BBM he's been ranked 101 over the last 2 weeks.
  10. It's not wrong to have high standards on Towns. It was wrong and unrealistic to expect a usual KAT performance on his first games (which are b2b games to make it harder) after a 5 week absence due to a knee injury. Whatever, he's back and he'll increase his rebound production next game too, hopefully.
  11. no rush, just come back when you feel like it
  12. thats a pretty good get! just shows often a different position can get the job done (pg for pf) - whereas if you force an owner into comparing eg. PG for PG doesn't get the job done usually
  13. 60 McNuggets with some extra sauce baby
  14. Raptors is full-team now,he will be lucky to get >10 shot attempts Also,Powell is so hot and he is eating OG playing time
  15. I rage dropped him...will probably regret it but in a 12 team he's my last end of bench guy and I would rather stream. He gets games like these a lot and I rather stream aggressively then deal with this. Thank me guys cus he's probably going to blow up soon.
  16. Exactly. This is a case where 9-cat rankings are less meaningful. I tried trading Fox to a team for Middleton and it was rejected, but another team who is punting FT% and turnovers (they have Lebron, Bam, and Jrue) accepted him for Siakam (who is arguably higher value than Middleton). Both rankings and draft position are meaningless at this point in the season.
  17. Yeah, but you also cannot point to his rank being 94th and say ok a player in 60s-70s-80s is fair value. The owner that drafted Fox is either punting ft or is strong enough there to compensate for the bad ft. So for him Fox probably has way more value than his rank shows.
  18. Did anyone notice that Trae was not credited for a steal? Trae should've had 2 steals yesterday but was only credited for 1. FVV bad pass turnover: Season&RangeType=0&StartPeriod=1&EndPeriod=10&StartRange=0&EndRange=28800&section=game&sct=plot All of Trae's steals credited to him last night which is only one from a Norman Powell turnover: Season&RangeType=0&StartPeriod=1&EndPeriod=10&StartRange=0&EndRange=28800&section=game&sct=plot I see this all the time. NBA needs to step on reviewing plays and applying the correct stats.
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  20. his value can easily be perceived higher by the owner if a team is setup to support his flaw aka FT. Because those steals and assists are very juicy and is often one of the main reasons I am in the steals cat in my league
  21. Man the Conley effect is starting to spread. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any synergy. Neither guys playing up to their potential. 1+1 = 1.5 right now. Sigh. They need to go on a team bonding trip.
  22. That’s cool and all but where do you think Wilt Chamberlain and Tim Duncan will sign?
  23. LOL I tried trading for him but the owner still thinks he is a 3rd rounder. Strange how he forgot how to shoot FTs.
  24. Millsap is a underrated savvy vet. Yeah he's getting older though. I wonder if MPJ is strong enough to play PF. If yes that's optimal since Barton at 3 is best, with Murray and Harris at the guard spots. Grant is a good player but for a contending team like the nuggets best served as a solid bench big. MPJ is going to have a big role, and I think this year Millsap still starts in the playoffs, but next year, its the MPJ show.
  25. Just a couple more weeks til the deadline, hold.
  26. anyone getting "Request Denied" on Yahoo? i was adding a player but then that happened... edit: seems fine now.
  27. Brady is Las Vegas bound you heard it here first
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