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  2. -Free 10 team, H2H Cats league with year round activity, ran on ESPN and Proboards for off-season activities -Entering our 5th year -Salary cap league where we use real player contacts, so when a player becomes a free agent in real life they are a free agent in our league -Off-season bidding for free agents -Each team owns the rights to 3 minor league system. You own the rights to all players on those teams from rookie ball to AAA and any players those teams draft in the future. -You can trade vets for prospects if you're looking to rebuild, prospects for vets for a title run or prospect for prospect. -Open teams are: Ming Dynasty and RotoRangers -Link to teams and minors league team each own: -Washington, Atlanta, Kansas City Houston, Seattle, Detroit -Looking for active owners who can check in and stay active year round. -If interested, read over the rules, sign up into Proboards and fill out the application and the LM Brian will message you via Proboards next time he’s on.
  3. Maybe - but what other leverage does his agent have, really? Maybe he felt a “public shaming” might force the Niners’ hand.
  4. i had a team last year that had saquon mark ingram mike evans dj chark darren waller gallup dak prescott and damien williams last year that missed playoffs. i scored most points in league and ended up 7th. Every week i would score like a top 4 score and lose to the team that went off for the week. It was so frustrating. To be fair i had a junky team a few years ago that ended up winning the whole thing when i had no right being in playoffs after blowing 50 on jordy in his last packers year when a rod got injured he was worthless as you will all recll. i also spent 25 on pryor the redskin that was a waste.Only smart purchase i made that year that i recall was ertz and hunt rookie year after ware went down.
  5. Tell your friend, “BMcP found the overall RB22 to be more valuable than the overall RB41.” I’m of course defining “value” as the disparity between expected fantasy production and ADP.
  6. "Very valuable" can equal "bye-week filler" in extremely deep leagues. Tell me, did you find Frank Gore to be "very valuable" in 2019? Asking for a friend.
  7. Well Brady accomplished 1000 times more than Marlon Mack ever did, yet Brady was still shown the door. By your "logic," I think I win.
  8. It is prob fair for him to ask for a modest raise, which obv his agent did...and was rebuffed, so he went to social media to gripe (dumb imo). I believe I saw a tweet that said at his current salary he is around the top 20 overall compensated back...which ain't bad considering his limited track record.
  9. What is your prediction?
  10. I should clarify - 30 regular team keepers, plus 10 minor league keepers so 40 total.
  11. Hello all, The ABDBL is looking for one owner to replace a long time owner we've had that's stepping away from fantasy baseball. The league is a free 12 team dynasty league hosted on Yahoo that's been running since the 2013 season. The roster is VERY good and includes Trout, Acuna, Bregman, and Stanton. We use a contract system with UFA, RFA, prospect draft, and contract extensions with a $105 salary cap. This team is a yearly playoff team and championship contender. Activity on a Proboards website is required, as that is where all transactions and league conversation take place. Please contact me via email at for full roster and league rules. Thank you!
  12. It still baffles me that after being mentioned who knows how many times people still don’t understand the concept of keeping a running back fresh THROUGHOUT THE SEASON.
  13. I would make that deal as well, you need a 1B and you can find arms on the wire
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  15. I'm currently in two very similar leagues but neither are playing this year, hence the reason for this Dynasty startup. Below are just some of the basics for how the league will be constructed: -Prefer 12-16 teams -H2H points -$50 buy in to keep teams invested -40 Man rosters -Auction draft -Minor league draft, Will start with 3-5 rounds to open league. -C,1,2,3,SS,OF,OF,OF,UTIL,SP,RP Starting roster,29 Bench spots, Large Minor league systems. -Daily Lineups -If we get enough teams would like to do auction draft 7/19/20 @8pm ET This is a more complex league than a traditional fantasy baseball redraft league but way more fun. Let me know if you have questions or would like to join?
  16. Another Quarantine Boredom post lol. But this one should be a interesting discussion. Love these discussions with you guys. Building the Perfect team. Name a starting 5 that you think could beat this starting 5. I really feel like this is the ultimate build.
  17. Eh maybe but he was never a threat as a pass catcher in college either. He also apparently hurt his shoulder in the GB game. If we exclude that game he averaged 1.2 catches per game with a healthy shoulder and 1.6 with a hurt one so I don’t buy that either.
  18. I do think Jacobs gets more targets this year. I believe the lack of targets last year had a lot to do with the mobility of his shoulder. I don't expect him to see as much as Sanders (especially with Richard coming back) but I think he gets enough that combined with the rushing will make him pretty safe. But it's early and I could see taking Miles over him if I lose faith in my injury theory. I hear you on Drake.
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