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  2. I see the Edelman role. TB and AB have some weird love connection. Every sane guy has a crazy friend they keep grounded. Edelman was an easy 150 targets in a balanced offense that used the backs a lot. The extra passing and lack or rb use will help balance out Godwins target siphoning. Evans is not an issue for targets. He turns into Gallup.
  3. godwin gon be fine.. brady throwing 35 passes a game, no more balls to miller or gronk.
  4. He had a preseason and 1 game in the nfl last year right? So what really separates him from the rest of the league? extra rest? a little bit of rust? Don't stretch it out to 2 years to make your point. Mental health is the major concern here plus extra suspension but that seems ridiculous at this point to suspend him again after TB signs him (unless he does something again).
  5. Mike Evan’s is a God. Will be the TE 1 ROS AB will take over the number 1 role
  6. Potential for the Browns to really showcase him the next week or two to fetch value in a trade?
  7. yea I'd do trade 1 would not do trade 2 keeping robinson and golloday works too
  8. Everyone relax. He’s resting until week 15-16 when it matters most!
  9. thanks but my league is very gun shy when it comes to trades
  10. Who ever gets cook wins I would try trading for Someone like robby Anderson tee Higgins if your worried about your wrs help
  11. 4th best receiver on his own team. Goodnight sweet prince.
  12. Relieved to see Brown sign with Tampa Bay. Whew.
  13. How long is this injury lasting? what is a foot injury?: lisfranc ruled out I assume?
  14. I like this trade if you don’t need McKinnon aj brown is a beast help
  15. I would if you don’t want him good trade bait help
  16. I’d agree M Jones is the drop. We know who he is whereas Perine could carve out more of a role as the season progresses. Best of luck to you and I’m hoping Hasty turns into a stud.
  17. bout to average 1 catch, 1 td, 1 yard each game.
  18. Evans has been hobbling around the field half the year, Godwin basically hasn't played, howard is done, gronk is hurt and non existant in passing game, RBs dont seem overly involved in passing game.. I didn't think this was best team for AB but I think he has a clearer path to 6-7 targets/game than it seems. Like you said Brady prob lobbied for him so hes gonna get him the ball.
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