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    Guys, I didn't say he was another Luka. Just that pro experience against grown men has value. Luka's pro experience was undervalued, as was Sekou's.
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    Not trying to police the thread but we should probably limit speculation to actual sourced rumors and the resulting fantasy impact. Otherwise this will become a giant mess.
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    Here at the Wood Anonymous meetings we dont pass judgement, all we ask is you bring the donuts when its your turn...the worst days however are when C Wood brings the donuts....that's when it hurts the most...
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    On the other hand, only his holy light can cleanse the rotten, wasted pit of scum and sin that is Los Angeles
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    It's not that people can't complain, it's that the majority of the posts in this thread over the last 10 pages have been about how Graham is frustrating to own because of his bad FG, all the while ignoring how amazingly consistent the rest of his stats have been. Kevin Huerter's thread is 25 pages of people hyped about how good he is, yet he is nowhere near Graham's fantasy value. We are not talking about a perennial star or a proven end of bench guy here. We are talking about a WW add that went undrafted in 100% of all leagues and that we are lucky to even have. You could've ended up picking Kurocks instead of this kid in week 1, you know. Is his FG% bad? Absolutely. Will it get better? Potentially. Can it be managed? Depends on your build. Is your build unable to sustain this FG% drop? Trade and be happy that you were able to get a top 60 player in return out of a WW pickup. Just my $0.02
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    Live game action photo of Huerter last night.
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    breaking news!!!! redsox fans dont think its a big deal and believe it actually HURT them!!!! 🤣
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    2 blocks + 2 steals + 2 threes = 2 many blessings. Thanks be to the Lord!
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    To go along with those elite NPB numbers, one of the top verb-noun complete sentence names in MLB history.
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    Siakam last year, Norm this year. Whatever concerns you may have about playing time or rotations, don’t think about it - the talent always wins out. Got burned twice now and I won’t let it happen next year. - signed, dude who dropped him for Spellman
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    Hi my name is Indigo, and on January 18, 2020 I faced Marcus Smart .
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    if hes been out a month, you better dam well be fully healed.(he woulda had an MRI if it was that serious) min restriction my a**. better play full 48
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    I have been wondering what the Wolves want in return for Lord Covington. I would assume they’d ask for the other team’s whole roster back, cause no one can amount to the Lord’s almighty light and truth. Amen.
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    How drunk were you, because that's the worst idea I've ever heard.
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    The AC forum is actually useless. By the time anyone responds, it's already the end of the week
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    In regards to stashing ww guys before the deadline—I’d advise against it. It’s an alluring notion since the right move can grant you gold from nothing at all, but I’ve done the stash and wait for the past few years. It never goes as planned. Might be best to wait until the day and have your trigger finger ready.
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    Was offered Embiid for Doumbouya. I replied, Embiid and what?
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    I get a Whit Merrifield vibe, with more power. He hit 11 HRs in 212 PAs last season, with a freakish 18 doubles. Steamer has him at .275/.328 with 22 HR, 74 RBI, 93 R, 24 SB. I think Steamer is generally pretty conservative and Bo is leading off for TOR with Biggio, Vlad Jr, and Gurriel Jr behind him. Barring injury, 100 runs seems like a lock and he showed 30+ SB speed pretty regularly in the minors so I'll say: .275/.330 - 20 - 65 - 110 - 30 with room in the HRs. I feel like he's oddly underrated right now being drafted at #74 after Machado and right near Semien. Curiously, Hiura is at #43 and it looks like Bo will outperform him overall pretty easily.
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    Win 6 super bowls, win 60, win 600...but the patriots are NEVER winning any respect. This might be harsh, but its fair, especially when you repeatedly show complete disregard for the game's rules and integrity. Also, here's a picture of your coach making out with his fairly unattractive daughter: Seriously, is THIS what you want to defend? I'm disgusted. Behavior like this, when taken in addition to Thomas Brady's weird, un-Christian kiddy-fiddling shenanigans ,sets a TERRIBLE example for kids. This is NOT what the founding fathers intended when they created this great nation. America is about entrepreneurial spirit, a respect for laws, and above all, god. Would you ever raise YOUR kids to emulate such behavior? "You see that, Timmy...be like Brady, be like Belichick..." I wouldn't. And thankfully...today marked the end of the NFL's darkest era.
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    Oh sorry, we didn’t mean to give you the impression we cared
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    Fade/NOT HIGH ON QB Dak Prescott - #2 QB in my league (kind of shocked by this); fade if Cooper leaves and he gets paid. RB Aaron Jones - td regression almost for certain. James Conner - almost guaranteed to get hurt in game and cost you. Leveon Bell - unless he is back with PITT Leonard Fournette - abnormally healthy this year and under performed. wont expect health next season. WR Odell Beckham - unless they bring in a guru but I still don't trust Mayfield. Cooper Kuup- finished #4 overall WR; Higbee's emergence will kill him next year. Julian Edelman - getting old; he is tough but age and brady decline is scary. DJ Chark - not sold on the Jags offense and was average down the stretch Buy QB Josh Allen - poor mans Lamar low floor. Philip Rivers - if he goes to TB with Arians. RB Joe Mixon - i've said a lot about him on this board but Burrows loves throwing to backs and will move the offense even as a rookie. blocking scheme changed and he started producing. Raheem Mostert - Breida or Coleman will be gone. run heavy offense. Saquon Barkley - positive TD ascension.. Alvin Kamara - see Barkley. Miles Sanders - howard probably walks in free agency. WR: Kenny Golladay - enigmatic boom or bust not really. marvin jones presence will frustrate you at least twice a year but he is one of the best deep threats in the league. DJ Moore - with a consistent QB he can finish top 10 easily. Tyler Boyd- Burrow effect. Terry McLaurin - see DJ moore but more like top 20. Preston Williams - impressive when healthy.
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    2 Points, 2 Rebounds, 2 Assists, 2 Steals Nice Quadruple Double guys
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    Vindication. Time to break up with my girlfriend.
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    Busting around pick 162 is not a big deal. People overestimate how well they do in drafts, but again I challenge anyone to look at some redraft drafts they did last year around pick 150 or later. Obviously better fantasy players make better picks, but everyone busts on a ton of picks. The argument with Hampson is that if he starts every day, even if it takes a month he's going to be a + average and ++ SB guy when steals are very scarce. That's a potential difference maker. I do agree with you that he's easier to stomach in daily leagues, just like many intriguing players, but if he gets full time AB he could be a fantasy monster. Lets take a look at picks around 162 from last year courtesy of fantasypros ADP (easiest to find from a previous year) Look at these names. Hampson certainly could bust again for pick 162, but I think you're overestimating the importance of "not busting" on each pick. You're going to bust on many picks in redraft, everyone is. You need to make some rational solid picks but you also need to take chances. We'll see how the Hampson storyline develops in spring training, Based on him being a hot fantasy prospect the year before and how he finished in 2019, he's pretty interesting for next year. Source: https://www.fantasypros.com/mlb/adp/overall.php
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    To the victors go the spoils of war, it's the Mike Boone Show, on Monday Night Football, Championship Week. God's speed my brothers and sisters.
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    Imagine if he gets traded to Dallas in exchange for Delon Wright and whatever else they ask for. Then you immediately pick up Delon off the ww. You’ll have thy Lord and Wright on the same squad. Your stocks would be immaculate ROS. This is the trade I want to see happen. Dream scenario. Blessings for everyone.
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    Quit polluting the thread of the Lord lest he smite you down with his fearsome sthrocks
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    Can we just unite and flood Timberwolves' twitter account? This DTD thing is getting a bit ridiculous tbh..
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    Anyone trying to say Rendon is not a top 100 or top 50 player for 2020 has zero credibility. Just take a glance at his Statcast if you don't think he's an elite hitter. The whole thing is lit up bright red. Near the top of the league in Hard Hit%, EV, xBA, xOBA, pretty much everything. The Player Comparison feature, which compares Rendon's batted ball and hitting profile against the rest of the league, shows the two closest matches to him are Bellinger and Betts. If you think a hitter in the upper percentile of every batted ball metric, elite K/BB rate, and who's profile is most comparable to 2 fantasy 1st round picks, is going to be some kind of bust "because he got paid", you're delusional. Or you just need to really brush up on your research methods.
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    Wood against AD and Doumbouya against LeBron? Talk about trial by fire lmao
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    Imagine Ryan Tannehill ending your career
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    After reading through this thread there seems to be a misunderstanding about the Klay Thompson talk/comparison. The comparison was just not randomly dropped on this thread by posters. It derives from the year he was drafted. He was labeled by many scouts as the next Klay. If you actually watched the draft they could not stop bringing this up so this is where the comparison started. Not by posters in this thread. The announcers kept saying over and over that Trae and Huerter are going to be the next splash brothers.
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    Are you f****** kidding me!? THJ gets hurt and Carlisle gives his minutes to grandpa Barea. I hate Rick so much. Delon is a beast. He even plays better than my guards who actually get minutes. He won me steals again this week. Was streaming but now he’s a hold for me. Love this guy.
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    Spending more time talking to my wife. Not reading fantasy football websites on my laptop in bed late in the evening. This will hopefully lead to other activities..
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    This guy is unrosterable except on Punt Wins teams
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    None. I didn’t win chitttttttttt.
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