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    If you consider return on investment Lamar Jackson is the MVP. If you don’t consider draft position he is still the MVP.
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    Draft 5 RBs to start the draft and hope 2 pan out
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    This kicker decision is driving me nuts lol
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    Plenty dropped! He was awful, make no mistake.
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    1. Just draft the BPA (I've done 0RB in the past, didn't this year, and thank goodness for that). 2. Do the pre-season research, and as many practice drafts as you can. 3. Don't follow live scores (struggled to stick to this one). 4. Take the Rotoworld forums with an enormous pinch of salt. 5. Take it seriously up to a point. So much of this game is based on luck with matchups and injuries. You can't affect it. Try to accept it!
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    They have 3yrs of tape on him, nothing to really assess. They have assessed their entire backfield because of injury. Still makes you wonder why they never resigned CJA. I'm avoiding this backfield next season. I don't like the coaching and the way they use rb's
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    ... because the Falcons o-line is such a sieve it won't matter. the Sherman absence is more troubling, no question- but the Niners are finally home after two grueling weeks on the road - i expect a nailz effort from that D. plus it's outside on the grass (or a reasonable facsimile, thereof) ... dunno, man - too much working against the Young'n here 🤷‍♂️
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    nice little 3 min TD drive would be the icing on the cake rn
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    This Eagles D was touted has having a great week 13-15 schedule: Miami (1 point), Giants (3 points), and Washington (so far at 1 point). Ridiculous, Lucky I had enough and benched them this week, on Yahoo can make a drop and I'm going to see who I can pick up for week 16.
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    Giddy up!! YEEEEHAAAWWW!!! Let’s do this l!
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    Tannehill I think. Gosh these decisions can make or break the year
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    Patrick Laird outscores Jacobs this week....wish I had the balls to play him
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    I'd go Waller and Mixon. I still don't trust Goff and Mixon is the Bengal offense regardless who they face. Thx for the help!
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    I thought it was Matt Ryan cause you were using all last names (except for Baker, but that was no hard to figure out) but I didn't want to assume it..
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    Lmao I talked myself out of starting him, so there you guys go lol. Good luck this week everyone, let's bring home that 🤑🤑!
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    Baker has been hot and has a great match-up against Arizona, so start him. For your wide-outs, hit Sutton and Edelman.
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    Waller at te I like Hilton the best at flex if he plays. Deebo has to compete with a lot of other options on the 49ers offense. bengals should be Trailing the patriots the whole game causing dalton to have to throw the ball. Does dalton throw dump off passes to rbs or does he throw balls to wrs when getting behind? If dalton has been known to throw to rbs than I would take mixon over Hilton help
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    Julian is ACTIVE for today's game and will start. Ian Rapoport just said it on NFL network
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    Matchup looks good. A game between two sh*t teams can go either way tho. Just as long as the dude doesn't foul he should accumulate stats.
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    Now I just think he’s a dumb ****
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    Do enough homework to identify the best Late round QB which I did this year with Lamar. Try to take 4+ RBs by round 6-7. Beside the Top 5 WRs , you can find similar talent later or FA. Trust your gut Always be on the trade hunt.
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    Sanders, F1 Terry and Thielen. Thanks for mine!
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    Pick out of a hat, both at the draft and when setting your lineup.
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    Singletary would be my choice despite the unfavorable matchup. Thielen's injury situation has been such a roller coaster, I wouldn't be comfortable starting him until I see him play a full game. Cook is great value for a TE, but I wouldn't put him in there over a starting RB.
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    winds really kicking in up here ... just spoke to a buddy who works out at the track (right next to MetLife), and he says it's pickin' up and swirling about ovah there 🤷‍♂️ forecast still calling for 15-20 mph sustained, gusts up to 30+ big 'Quan/Laird days ootb?
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    ya know ... reading the Rap tweet again - seems kinda cryptic, no? i mean, it says "he's good to go", and we've known all week that JJ was itchin' to play, in a true "DAMN THE TORPEDOES!!1!" stance ... we know HE ain't sitting himself down. i would've much preferred seeing "Gruden/Raiders confirm Jacobs good to go" 🤔 it's still a great sign, no question ... but it does leave a sliver of uncertainty, ya know? suffice to say, if we had none of this agita/drama this week i could easily see the kid as the overall RB1 for the week ... Jax has loooooong since packed their friggin' bags.
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    I wouldn’t do it. ESP in ppr. Go look at AJ browns logs and his targets. He’s a stud and he looks great but he’s no lock for elite opportunity. Adams is.
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    I would. Problem is I just made this account and It won't let me post on that page. Its greyed out for some reason. I'm just curious who won this trade. But its fine I won't ask on player discussions.
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    It was fun while it lasted. Goodbye
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    Not returning in the second half due to knee soreness. Easily my worst draft pick in years 🤦‍♂️
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    Yahoo. It is under a new management and software team the last two years and has improved. Has deep prospect pool, sabermetrics research tools added last year and continues to be totally free. Also, along with ESPN, has the highest number of users which means many many private leagues to select from along with their standard casuals and pro money leagues. With criticism of ESPN rising due to what many of their users here called a bad "update" that didn't work right or deleted good features from the past, then yeah I'd say Yahoo.
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    Just a gut feeling on Thomas, Seattle ranks second to last covering TEs. He had a good game last week as well. All 3 of your options are kind of boom or bust, but I would start him over the other 2, JMO, gl
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    Also mixon had 17 plus fantasy points vs the rams jets and ravens in the second half of this season ; all top ten rushing defenses
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    1. Gallinari for Murray 2. Lavine for Simmons Just do both of them and you're set on PG.
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    just ran across a stat blurb that confirmed Ek as the most efficient RB in the leeg ... his 1.36 points per touch is highest in the gig. the o/u for this game is 45, Vikes games have gone OVER in 6 of the last 8, Chargers games have gone OVER in 3 of the last 4. perfect weather, Thielen back for the Vikes ... this game is gonna easily eclipse that 45 number. Ek gon' gobble.
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    Tempted to pick up Sanders and drop Badgley in a desperate match up down big. Dolphins have been decent on offense lately and they get another good match up this week. Should be FG opportunities for MIami.
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    It’s been stated that he wont be ready until March at least
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    Patrick Laird is being started over a healthy Le'Veon Bell in the fantasy playoffs. I feel like I need to say that again. Patrick Laird is being started over a healthy Le'Veon Bell in the fantasy playoffs. Let that sink in. Nothing in fantasy football makes any sense.
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    Suarez the Forgotten One fell one homer shy of 50 last year with 103 RBIs. I would way way rather have him plus his 3B eligibility and durability.
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    Please score double digits this week.
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    Per 36?! This is not an extrapolation league. This was clearly stated beforehand.