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    Continuation of yesterday's game-played 2 games today. 2 errors in the first one, a HR in the second. Hitting 3rd in that league as a 17 year old with no professional experience....lots of reason to be excited.
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    According to the Twitterz, AJ Reed has been called up: @1250SportsTalk: Former UK Baseball star, AJ Reed got called up to the Astros tonight and will be on the roster for tomorrow's game in Kansas City at 7:15.
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    It wasn't letting me post for some dumb reason. To answer a previous question, I honestly didn't know what Fansided was till someone posted it up here. I'm really hoping AJ gets the call, not for the "I told you so," but because I have him in the lineup this week. I talked to my dude a little yesterday, but he had Finals stuff to do, so it was brief. The Astros wanted to see certain improvements from Reed the past 2 weeks, including defensive improvements. Apparently, he's stepped up, especially the past few games. He told me they feel he's ready, but with how Marwin has been playing, they could also wait for the weekend series. So, I'm going to get a hold of him later when he's back in town
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    Bregman will be in AA through the AA all star game which is at the end of the month. Then he will get called up to AAA. They aren't in a rush with him. And they feel the all star game is an imprtant thing. Want him to have recognition for his season thus far. Content with Valbuena and Marwin at the big league level. 1b is the more pressing need. White struggling, plus not a good defender
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    Yeah, obviously I can't really talk about who my friend is and what he does, but that was the info I was passed. The corresponding move might be different than sending down White, could also be something with Chapman or someone on the 40 not in the long-term plans . But the main thing was getting through this NL stretch to avoid a bunch of lefties, and opening up in a series against a divisional opponent. He also had some info on Bregman that I'll be comfortable sharing if the Reed call-up goes through
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    Not one to break news, but someone passed word to me that the plan is to call him up for the Monday series against the Angels. Wanted to avoid Cincy and the Cardinals since they are heavy with lefty starters. Tyler White will most likely get sent down