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    A lot of hype, but Forte is still there and has about as much dead money vs the cap as Powell does. Powell was a top-5 RB during the FFL playoffs last year -- giving you an elite RB performance to win a title if you didn't own DJ, Bell, Zeke or Shady -- but Gailey (who loved to throw to RBs) is gone, the Jets should be bad, and Forte should still get enough work to make the NYJ backfield a frustrating timeshare.
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    Cracked the update Baseball America top 100. The bandwagon is leaving the station. edit: I guess bandwagon's don't leave stations...hype trains? Lol.
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    My attitude on this guy is still 100% hold but I'm considering taking my chances dropping him for a hot bat and picking him back up in June - his next several starts are @NYY, CLE, DET, followed by slightly less-worrying starts @MIN, @KC, and at home against LAA before getting the BoSox. Wouldn't be surprised if he threw a gem or two in the first group (or got banged around by the Twins) but I think the NYY and CLE games might make him a non-starter for streamers until June. Either way, the next several starts will go a long way in determining how much you need to play the matchups with Morton. I'll be watching intently.
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    It's probably already in this thread somewhere but: The Madison Bumshoulders Team emblem:
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    This was a line I heard in a similar football thread years ago, so I'll apply it to baseball... A guy named his team "Off in the Clubhouse"... you could also go with "Off at Home Plate" or "Off in the Bullpen", etc. That way when someone wants to boast they defeated you in a H2H matchup, they may exclaim "I beat...." and well, fill in the team name and you have the rest of the story.
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    I'd bump that up to 10-15 hrs with 20 sbs.
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    A good start to rebound: 4IP, 1H, 1ER, 2BBs, 8Ks
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    Coming into the season I've seen reports of him between 2019-2020. I read today that it could be 2018 if he keeps producing at AA.
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    First start for Tulsa will be on Friday.
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    Indeed baseball is ridiculous.
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    this is disappointing, but a lot of guys have random slow aprils - prospects, big leaguers, everybody. some of the other big bats from last june like senzel and zack collins aren't really lighting it up in high-A yet either. they've been a little better than erceg, but not a lot better i already gave up on my will craig flyer in my main league but i'm going to hold erceg for a long a** time. those reports from this spring were too good
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    Hope you are right Jake...I'll hold him in my dynasty for another month to see if he turns it around....if by end of May he is still struggling then I'll probably move on for now... I know...cool story bro
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    I got one league so far that I like. "The Arms of Sorrow" as a nod to Killswitch Engage. Has pitchers like Verlander, Darvish, Degrom, Richards and a few others so it definitely fits haha.