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    Saw like 10 new posts in the Kawhi thread and got excited.... 10 minutes later and 50 IQ points lower, retreated back into the dark corner of the Kawhi pity party.
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    Not trading. Never. I’m riding until the end even if it means he gets injured again, it’s an honor to have him on my team. #BabyHakeem
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    It's really perplexing, but here's something which I think exacerbates the problem - Miami is just not playing with the proper speed to score a ton of points every night, and they have really solid pieces to be an athletic running and gunning team. It's counter-intuitive to slow this team down, you have athletes across the board here in every spot on the roster, and Miami currently plays with the 18th slowest pace in the league, they're also 24th in offensive rating. They need to speed it up, this team can get easy scoring opportunities, they rely on half court sets way too much and their sets look pretty bad. They like to use their bigs in the high post for hand offs and it doesn't go anywhere, you'll see Olynyk or Johnson just standing around at the elbow when the first hand off is dead not knowing what to do, and they have to keep re-screening. It's similar to what Dallas does. When their default HORNS style doesn't work they go back to being a pick and roll team with Whiteside or the occasional Whiteside post up. If they push the ball guys can up their percentages and get easier scoring opportunities, and we'll see guys like Richardson start to cash in. Something has to change, this team is now 6-8 on the season. Last year they had one of the best stretches in the NBA where they went on some crazy 22-3 run or something like that near the end of the year and almost made the postseason.. James Johnson needs to be starting, enough of this off the bench nonsense, give you an additional playmaker and floor spacer unlike Winslow, which will open up with Dragic and Richardson and Waiters together. There is no way the depth of this team should have them scoring 90-100 points a night. They remind me a bit too much of Utah in that sense, they want to accommodate Whiteside like they do Gobert, but Whiteside is a mobile big, he should be able to run the floor, they can also start using Adebayo more at some C minutes because he's also a mobile Center, without compromising defense like they do with Olynyk. Want to see a correlation between a bad offense and being some of the worst teams in the league? (pure defense doesn't win championships like it used to) - ORTG ratings: 30th. Chicago Bulls - 92.9 29th. Sac Kings - 95.3 28th. LA Lakers - 97.5 27th. Dallas Mavericks - 99 26th. Utah Jazz - 99.5 25th. Phoenix - 100.3 24th. Miami - 100.5 23rd. BKN - 102.2 I know I know, BKN pushes the ball but only scores 2 more points per game, the fact their inefficient has more to do with their personnel, not the fact that pushing the ball doesn't give you easier scoring opportunities. It's a matter of talent difference between they and Miami, ditto for Phoenix and LA.
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    He said he is at 69% after tonight. GOAT
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    You're so right. Passive little weak baby....leading the nba in blocks per game.
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    They just might say YOLO and give him 30 minutes
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    Coach Bud would be a fool not to develop this guy as much as he can over this season. He's on the right track, just needs to tighten it up a bit like was previously said. I also have him on my punt FG/TO and he is returning massive value for me. People shouldn't really have been targeting him if they wanted efficiency, the guy shot sub .400 on the season last year. Garbage time or not, 23 st3cks in the last 4 games.
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    Because lonzo ball is sitting in the bench
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    Fair enough. But I will say this, first off I don’t care about Roto because Roto is a completely different animal. Roto I can understand trading for whatever because Time is money. In h2h all that matters is playoffs. If you drafted Kawhi or any Spur for that matter, you knew the risks of getting Pop’d regardless of his current health. And any player can get injured at any time so that whole “oh he can re-injure himself” business is nonsense. Ask Gobert owners how it’s working out for them. Second in fantasy hoops or baseball, if you drafted well, one player should not make or break your season. If you have a losing record you have bigger issues than drafting Kawhi. Finally, yes ADP still matters because we’re only a month into the season. Fournier is currently ranked 13th in 9-cat...would you trade Westbrook, buckets or Kawhi for him? Of course not. You guys do what you want with your players, Obviously they’re your teams, I’m just saying smart managers don’t bail after 4 weeks of 24 week season unless they’re getting fair value return. Unless you enjoy playing for fifth place in your league. It sounds to me like a lot of people here are hoping their kawhi league mates are reading these forums and are hoping they panic into doing a dumb deal.
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    Nah, I'm not cut out to be a GM. There's lots of things outside basketball that they have to manage and I'll probably just be like Jonah was in Moneyball. Their GM most likely has the same train of thought. I doubt Tyson really has an "illness" right now seeing them rule him out for 2 games this quickly. They just want to see how Monroe does with the team while looking for a landing spot for Chandler as he is easier to trade. I have a hunch Monroe will do well against the Rockets offensively if his minutes go beyond twenty.
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    i think at this point hes almost a must add. hes too talented to not hold for a week or two and see what happens. theres gotta be someone else on your team thats less valuable...
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    0-4 threw it off but if he made atleast a couple it would be acceptable as hes not a volume guy. honestly if this guy gives you close to a double double with a couple of blocks and assists off the WW you take it and run to the bank.
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    They call him Joel... Joel Embiijuwon
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    So happy Batum is back. Maybe he can make up for the lack of assists Rubio has been averaging.
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    SAC-factor definitely a part of it. It's crazy how bad they were. They made ATL look like prime Spurs: Prince looked like Kawhi, Dedmon looked like Duncan, Schroder looked like Manu...
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    If you were able to get all those free agents, your league is not competitive. also if John henson is still a free agent, your league is not competitive.
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    It looks like you made the right choice lol
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    He's probably never seen him play. Just looks at the box score, sees Player X shot 2/15, goes to Player X's thread and comments "this guy sucks". I've been ignoring crocp on this site for a while.
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    No, the hype is completely unjustified. He's a must own in 16+, useful in 14 and potentially usefull in 12. People are predicting 12/8/1/1/1 but 9/7/0.8/0.6/0.6 is more realistic.
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    Stephen A Smith? Now I'm fully convinced Ball will turn out to be a stud.
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    You didn't draft Collison to be CP3, you drafted him to be Collison. Right now he's actually playing beyond my expectations for him so I don't see why people are complaining, especially when you consider his ADP
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    Good thing you are where you are and doing what you're good at doing then
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    see, now will people chill, stop whining stop trying to drop him THIS IS WHO HE IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN inconsistent but end of the season will be useful you gotta accept these ups with his downs homies
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    The eurostepping and dream shaking are filthy. So happy I traded for him early before he started to release the Kraken.
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    What freaking drop city, his fantasy production is no longer prisoner of his shots falling, he gave you 8 rebounds 5 assists and steal but yeah, drop him, he's ranked 56th in the last two weeks
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    would be a big mistake. we've already seen flashes of nurkic's potential this season. henson is who he is. drop someone else for him
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    sheesh. I can stomach the 30% fg when he gives me stocks, rebs and asts but when he goes 6-5-2 shooting 12% I wanna pull my hair out.
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    Ah, I'm likely going to do the same thing myself in a few leagues (drop Jrich to free Batum). Looking at JRich's numbers, he's getting such burn but man, he's really doing nothing but hurting FG%. I think it's a testament to how bad a player is on your fantasy team when you get excited for the "good games" which are interspersed between the bunches of terrible games. Uhhh...on the plus side, he hasn't turned the ball over in two straight games!!! yay! (I mean, he was averaging 3 turnovers a game before that, lol)
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    He could become the greatest center in NBA history because unlike Shaq he works hard in practice Special Talent
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    He's not a very good player though, he's being treated as a better player than AG, that's what we're debating here. AG is the cornerstone of the team, a 22 year old potential franchise two-way player. Fournier is the type of guy who goes to a bad team and gets to chuck a ton of shots to score. If you watch him it's not like his skill-set looks much better than say a Bojan Bogdanovic.
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    first player in nba history with 46 pts 14 rbs 7 assists and 7 blocks or more in 1 game. nba freaking history
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    His upside is equal to Giannis & Cousins.
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    The only part of this post I agree with is the fact he beat out Judge in stolen bases lol. Judge played great, possibly better, D than Tuve. The in field and clubhouse leader is nebulous, and arguable at best. I don't care how many years he's done anything, and I don't care how much career Judge has in front of him. Or his ROY award. His level of "forgottenness" is also irrelevant here. I only care about what happened, in a total baseball effort, on the field for the entirety of 2017. And for that period of time, Judge played a more valuable game of baseball.
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    if he stays healthy from now on, he's a first rounder every year for sure
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    His usage is really low since coming back isn't it, i feel like hes no longer seen as the future star, seems like the role belongs to oladipo now
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    He’s tied for second on shots, just in brick mode currently. The last games showed he needs to get back to the line to get his offense flowing
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    i HATE this guy so much...why did i draft him 2 years in a row...never believing his hype anymore
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    I think Scott Boras needs a nickname ... how about the King Slung of Dung
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    returning to trash..he may still be last year's Bobby Portis
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    He's looking like SAC Rondo out there man. We got a good one boys!!
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    You proved nothing except you like to assume and cannot read. I'm sure you are a Lakers fan. Classic.
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    The only way I can sum up how I feel when he finally hits some 3's and scores: