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    I have both Delon and Lowry, so I’m trying to anti-anti-anti-jinx his injury and somehow get DeMar injured.
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    The second half of the Bucks game became pretty physical. The Bucks were getting blow out so bad at half-time they came out very physical in the second half. They were pounding Myles, Victor and Domas. This new meme came after a pretty hard foul on Victor. https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2018/1/9/16867208/victor-oladipo-meme-stare-nba-score
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    The second half of the Bucks game became pretty physical. The Bucks were getting blow out so bad at half-time they came out very physical in the second half. They were pounding Myles, Victor and Domas. This new meme came after a pretty hard foul on Victor. https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2018/1/9/16867208/victor-oladipo-meme-stare-nba-score
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    “I don’t anticipate it’s going to be [Wednesday],” coach Jeff Hornacek said. “But after that, we’ll see.”
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    wow he's already made me happy for the day lol
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    scott bordow‏Verified account @sbordow Marquese Chriss hip flexor day to day
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    Lol why do people find this so hard to comprehend he's a great basketball player in this "modern" NBA #FREEBELL Christmas may be over but I can hear the slay bells ringing!
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    Ok, so lets all just agree Lowry is gonna be alright and send all the Jinx-Waves to Demar. (Playing him this week)
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    For me, I'm never going to drop. He's too good. I look at this 2 ways - either someone gets traded or the coach gets fired. I'm down for either.
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    Lowry's back was fractured in multiple places until he sat in that magical Paul Pierce wheelchair. Now it's only spasms.
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    He saw dlo on the gleague and played like a monster. "Hey coach, put dlo on sg levert on sf and bench that trash caroll. I'll play point for you."
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    That's the definition of waiver wire pick up.... off the wire, not drafted.
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    This is so evident. That dunk attempt where Ibaka got a chunk of his hand was the biggest miss-call. Did you here Dindwiddie into the camera after that last play. Saying something to the tune of “this is what I’m talking about!”
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    I have Delon, but I will never celebrate an injury like that. That being said, if it was as serious as it looked, Delon has a chance to really blow up!
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    Lowry's down he's had back issues before. Hooooolly s---, it's horrible to say but this guy will literally breakout almost immediately without Lowry.
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    WW pick up of the year thus far.... Mitchell is right up there with him, but at least some people drafted Mitchell, I'm not sure anyone drafted this guy! The only reason I've killed it in my league with Conley missing so much time is simply due to Dinwiddie stepping up as my 1A point guard. Love this guy.
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    One bad shooting game after like 10 games of really good production and you will drop him?!?!?!?
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    Figured I’d kick off the New Year with a small CSB. I went golfing Friday at the Phoenix Country Club. Super nice place btw, kind of a throwback. Had lunch before the round at the men’s grill (yes they have separate grill for women). My group was chatting and there sat Eric Chavez right next to me alone at another table. He was very friendly, seemed like a nice guy. Anyway it was kind of cool meeting him. I’m ready for Spring but soaking up winter in the desert. CSB!
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    Glad solarte was traded always fooled myself into using him when Padres visited Colorado
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    Since you bet the house, can I have your keys now? He's day-to-day.
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    All you need to know is this^. It is definitely going to take a minute for him to get into the swing of things, but when it happens he is going to beast on this roster. His roster in Minnesota was so much better and deserving of usage than this Bulls roster. He still got his in Minnesota last year and he is most definitely getting his in Chicago once he gets up to speed. I am stoked, but I am giving him at least 2-3 weeks before I even start to analyze his game logs and be critical of his play. Dude hasn't played in a long time and this is a new system/teammates. Gotta stay patient and ignore the "drop city" posts if his shot isn't falling and he puts up a dud.
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    Lol he is going to be a monster. This dude is an athletic freak that can shoot very well. I guarantee his skills have been improving with all this practice time. Once he shakes the rust he is going to go off hard
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    The only problem is that even Plumlee's parents would not take him on their team if they owned one. I mean you cannot be showcasing well known garbage and expect someone thinks he found gold. He is not even on a good deal as he has 2.5 years left at 12.5M per year. Nobody wants that unless you give him a pick as well and Hawks are not giving picks away. I just think coach Bud out of sympathy or whatever just wants to give him some weeks of playtime until he makes him disappear after the ASB.
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    The Jazz are engaged in talks with the Bulls on a trade involving Nikola Mirotic, according to a report in the Salt Lake Tribune. Source: The Salt Lake Tribunem
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    Definitely. As demonstrated by Collins' 8 minutes last night.
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    LMAO. One of the best comments I've seen so far
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    At least with Bell, there are quality players in front of him. With Collins.. it's freaking Plumlee.
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    That is awfully optimistic. I have both Lowry and Wright and am willing to bet the house that Lowry will be out for a while. Back spasms can last for weeks. They're the symptom of an underlying injury (generally nerve or disc related). The fact that the spasms were acute would also, to my understanding, indicate that the injury is severe. Reinjury via spasms are also very common. Lowry has had back issues dating to a few seasons ago that prevented him from playing in the playoffs. I'm 99.9% sure that he's going to sit out at least 8-10 games because of this. Sucks for Lowry owners like me, but it is what it is.
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    Fire Budenholzer. The guy is an idiot.
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    Bevaqua is Padres legend, hit HR to set up our only World Series win in game 2 vs the Tigers in 84, but whenever I hear the name Bevaqua, I cant get Lasorda's voice out of my head.
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    I'm in a Roto league, so it's different, I should have specified that before. But the point is, there is still a sizable amount of time left. Kawhi has put up top 35 value on average the past 2 weeks, and top 25 value in the past week. He's getting back to being a top 10 player, it makes no sense to sell low on him now.
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    It's the Warriors, developing a rookie is probably last on their priority list.
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    The dude is their clear #1 option and go to guy when the game is on the line right now. I don’t think there’s any way he’s losing playing time when DLO gets back
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    Damn... missed a game winner. Just kinda threw it up there for a layup. He could've had more than 8 assists but 31-5-8, 3 3ptrs and 2 stocks is amazing. I'll take that "fade" any day.
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    The way the reported that Dedmon is out for multiple weeks is the same way as to how they reported he's back. Out of nowhere.
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    Shapiro is just trying to add a little Canadian flavour to the team, we love the word "eh". now we have Ngop-eh and Solart-eh
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    Can anyone name me the 5 best waiver pickups this week?