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    big league *pitchers. there fixed ^^
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    Didn't you post your "advanced scouting", last year just before he went on a home run binge? I don't think you came back to the thread after posting the above...
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    He OPSed 1.010 in the 2H last season...
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    Fun non-suspension related fact. Miguel Sano already has more career strikeouts than Tony Gwynn had in his 20 year career
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    Just like, say, xFIP and SwStr% are not pitching categories but Wins and ERA are. However, if you're focusing on Wins and ERA and ignoring xFIP, SwStrk% and the like, you are lost. Moving on.
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    Not a lot of RBs, but Ingram underperformed until the last couple years, and Bush was inconsistent across his career. Those are the only 2 other RB winners this millenium. If you want to extend it to all Heisman winners, Manziel, RG3, Bradford, Tebow, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Jason White, Eric Couch, and Chris Weinke show it's nowhere near something that predicts NFL success. But let's broaden the pool. Let's look at the Walker award for the best NCAA rb. Your examples predate the award, but let's just assume the most outstanding player in football would also win their positional award. This millenium, you have LT (+), Luke Staley (-), Larry Johnson (+), Chris Perry (-), Cedric Benson (-), Reggie Bush (+). Darren McFadden (-), Shonn Greene (-), Toby Gerhart (-), Lamichael James (-), Trent Richardson (-), Montee Ball (-), Andre Williams (-), and Melvin Gordon (+). 4 good players to guys who had mediocre (or worse) careers. College production does not automatically lead to NFL success. And watching the NFL tape, I don't see a guy who has been consistent enough to be an elite fantasy option.
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    The OBP Zeus doesn't take too kindly to non-believers. I suggest you repent before the season commences.
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    So Rotoworld has been writing blurbs about this young up-and-comer every day for the past three days: Apparently it's a trend and hopefully we'll be seeing exciting updates on this stud daily for the rest of the season. Great! Per BBM, he's unfortunately currently ranked #446 in 9-cat. But come on, there's nowhere to go but up. Right, Rotoworld? For your viewing enjoyment, here are his top 10 career highlights. SPOILER ALERT: #1 is him grabbing a rebound. Keep those blurbs coming, RW, we're on pins and needles.
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    Avisail put together his best professional season in 2017. He may have helped boost your outfield as he went through several hot streaks although is overall counting stat total was a indicative of the White Sox as a whole. Reflexively, we can all look at his babip and expect a fairly significant reduction there. I'll bet bitcoin he doesn't run a .392 babip next season. The Bad: 52% GB rate really limits power Below average walk rate Babip regression The White Sox offense Don't stop reading there. The Good: Modest improvements to his contact rate lowered his swinging strike rate while chasing less Has subtly been raising his launch angle while beginning to tap into his pull power Increased his zone swing % showing added aggressiveness His Barrel rate is in good company with Ozuna, Springer, and Arenado Average exit velocity is 33rd Is still only 26 Ok, at first glance I'd have probably dismissed him as a bad to below average player on a couple of ridiculous hot streaks. His batted ball profile isn't going to match up with 2017 so expect a 40-50 point drop in BA. But that's ok! I'm going to say something controversial now. Avisail looks remarkably similar to 26 year old J.D. Martinez. To be fair he looks remarkable similar to Miguel Cabrera but only in the face and size. He's starting to hit more like JD Martinez. I'm going out my limb I just prepared and say he continues to improve his launch angle, taps into his power (he is 6'4" 240 after all) both oppo and pull side and stays aggressive which is the JDM path to success. To my surprise I'm going to predict a .275/340/530 line with something like 30-90-80-5 If your league thinks he's a fluke there may be a steal to be had here.
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    Landry has 24 vs 26 career TDs for Adams, who has yet to post a 1000 yard season in the NFL. Landry has also been consistent for a longer period of time than Adams. This doesn't even factor in the gargantuan difference in QB level between the two for their careers.
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    It's a standard position to say that a young player can't repeat an exceptional season. It is often true. If you said that about every good rookie you'd likely be right about 65% of the time. Bellinger exceeded most of the small sample size arguments. MLB has complete video and the analytics departments know his tendencies. Despite this, he successfully beat the shift, lowered is K% in the 2nd half, raised his walk rate, had a fairly steady babip right about league average, and he doesn't even have a L/R split. I'd bid with confidence.
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    i consider Votto a HOF'er....especially if he has like 3 or so good years left in him...which i think he does
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    He's a borderline first round selection. Outstanding hitter.
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    I've watched a decent amount of Clippers games this year and it's pretty easy to tell they desperately need that spot up shooter. Can't wait to see the pairing of Milos and Gallo, I think they'll both benefit big time from each other.
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    Heisman has nothing to do with NFL success. With a line of 4 future NFL first round draft picks, a future top 10 draft pick receiver, another reliable receiver that fell in the draft because of concussions, retiring before preseason even began, a certain Hesiman winner from the SEC made defenses look silly, constantly gutting them for long runs and breaking tackles like no tomorrow. And no, I'm not talking about Henry. That player had a remarkably short NFL career, partially because he wasn't a special talent anymore (and some serious character issues). Compared to NFL talent, Henry is subpar in short area acceleration and agility. Compared to college talent, he was a top 5 guy at his position at worst (and played with a Tide O-line in front of him). As to next year, Bell, Gurley, Elliot, and DJ enter the season healthy. Barring a half year negotiation holdout from Bell, Henry will be hard pressed to break into the top 5 with Hunt, Cook, Fournette, Kamara/Ingram, Barkley, Michel, and Guice all fairly forseeably in the running. In PPR, McCaffrey gets added to the list as well. Until I see evidence of Henry being more than an A+ plodder on the majority of his plays, the hype has driven his price way too high. Sure, you can jump in paying a premium and hope everything goes just right, but that's not the way I like to draft. If he goes after all of the names above (possibly dependent on where Michel/Guice land), I'll take a shot. I know most of my league mates think he's subpar, so maybe I will own him. But I'm not taking him off the board in round 2. There's too many other options I feel better about.
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    At 150+ in a redraft I'm in one more time. If the dream is truly over then that's a drop price I'm in with, and the upside is huge if not
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    I've got one more left in me, so here goes... **Age 31** --Jerry Rice: 98 catches - 1503 yards - 15 TD --Randy Moss: 69 catches - 1008 yards - 11 TD --Marvin Harrison: 94 catches - 1272 yards - 10 TD --Reggie Wayne: 100 catches - 1264 yards - 10 TD (I subbed him in for Calvin, who voluntarily retired after his age 30 season) --Cris Carter: 96 catches - 1163 yards - 10 TD --Steve Largent: 79 catches - 1287 yards - 6 TD --Terrell Owens: 77 catches - 1200 yards - 14 TD --Tim Brown: 104 catches - 1408 yards - 5 TD --Larry Fitzgerald: 63 catches - 784 yards - 2 TD --Isaac Bruce: 69 catches - 981 yards - 5 TD Average: 85 catches - 1187 yards - 9 TD (which comes out to a season of 257.70 FP's for 1 point PPR) ----- **Age 32** --Jerry Rice: 112 catches - 1499 yards - 13 TD --Randy Moss: 83 catches - 1264 yards - 13 TD --Marvin Harrison: 86 catches - 1113 yards - 15 TD --Reggie Wayne: 111 catches - 1355 yards - 6 TD (I subbed him in for Calvin, who voluntarily retired after his age 30 season) --Cris Carter: 89 catches - 1069 yards - 13 TD --Steve Largent: 70 catches - 1070 yards - 9 TD --Terrell Owens: 47 catches - 763 yards - 6 TD (suspended for 9 games for team insubordination) --Tim Brown: 81 catches - 1012 yards - 9 TD --Larry Fitzgerald: 109 catches - 1215 yards - 9 TD --Isaac Bruce: 89 catches - 1292 yards - 6 TD Average: 88 catches - 1165 yards - 10 TD...despite TO's 9-game suspension (which comes out to a season of 264.50 FP's for 1 point PPR) ------- So in summary... Age 30 Average: 94 catches - 1240 yards - 12 TD Age 31 Average: 85 catches - 1187 yards - 9 TD Age 32 Average: 88 catches - 1165 yards - 10 TD
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    CBS.. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/players/2165929/rafael-devers/ CBS projection from above.. 79 R, 28 HR, 93 RBI, 6 SB, .291/.349/.508 CBS break out.. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/2018-fantasy-baseball-draft-prep-breakouts-1-0-featuring-gerrit-cole-blake-snell-and-yoan-moncada/
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    Regsrdlss 2nd game back after a long lay off. I’m giving him at least the all star break to evaluate.
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    Dude, they are descriptive stats you use instead of listing all their constituent parts. You need to look at predictive stats.
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    I"m not going to stress over his playoff stats. Some guys just can't hit in the playoffs (ARod). Some guys kill the ball in the playoffs. Schwarber looked great in the WS in 2016, and many thought that was a portend of things to come. Then he hits .211 in 2017...albeit with 30 HR. Arod was a fantasy stud for years, but had some really bad postseasons. Barry Bonds hit .245 in his postseason career, and outside of 2002, he was terrible in the playoffs. I'm not going to let the 2017 playoffs define Bellinger's future (and I know you're not either). Who knows...maybe the big stage in combination with the playoff arms just got to the 21 year old kid. ETA before someone makes the accusation...I'm not saying Bellinger will be ARod or Bonds. Just saying that playoff performance doesn't always line up with regular season performance. And every league I've been in counts the regular season only.
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    That will change after this season. Dude is a straight up monster. Good guy to invest in now while the cost is low as well as the hype.
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    No, he did not. Pitchers stopped giving him anything to hit and he still slugged .510. You can't ding him for that and it's not predictive of performance.
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    Can possibly be moved? In some twisted world, he’s moved to NOLA to replace Boogie in the Twin Tower lineup. One of the focal points on offense with all the minutes he can handle... I wish.
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    Yeah, his walk totals, OBP and overall performance are totally the reason that the Reds struggle...youve figured it out! Its not that atrocious pitching situation (29th in the majors in ERA, 28th in IP, 29th in QS) that couldn't keep a solid offense (14th in runs, 10th in OPS, 13th in OBP ) in games. Its not even worth coming in here with arguments like that. It reflects so poorly on knowledge and understanding that its not even funny.
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    Maybe its just me but a guy with a 162 game avg of 98 runs, 29 HR , 94 RBI and a .313 avg seems pretty valuable to me regardless of format. And as has been alluded to before those walks provide a direct link to more runs, they dont have value only in OBP or BB formats. I mean overall its a guy whos worst OPS in a year that hes played anything remotely resembling a full slate was .926. Absent a massive injury which no one here can predict with anything resembling accuracy hes one of the safest plays in fantasy. Regardless of format.
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    Votto was the #2 1B in standard leagues last season. @DoTheRoar do you have any objective reason, any empirical evidence, anything aside from your "hunch" that Joey won't repeat as a top 5 1B in 2018?
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    Mostly because he’s an average defender who might have to come off third eventually and he was injured for most of last season. That and guys around 50-150 are pretty interchangeable. hes a much better fantasy than real life prospect. I would think he would make all Fantasy top 100s.
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    A quarterback drafted 14 years ago with a Hall of Famer in front of him has VERY limited relevance to a running back's situation in present day. David Johnson was the starter by the end of his rookie year, Elliott and Bell from the jump, and Kamara was the co-starter after they shipped Peterson off. Truly elite backs force their way into the starting lineup. Derrick Henry isn't, and didn't.
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    Agreed, being worried about him is like being worried if the sun is gonna come up. The guy is a hitting savant, its funny to watch him do what he does early in the year and try something new and then inevitably end the year with a .300+ line and a ridiculous OBP.
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    He has 321 career carries. That's more than enough to establish a baseline as to his strengths and weaknesses.
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    He's only had three games as a starter and averaged nearly 16 standard points per game. How can you grade his consistency when he's hardly been given a chance?
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    No offense towards the dragon because he gives the Heat that spark like no other, but J-Rich is officially our best player. I feel good saying that.
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    I was a big fan of Faria last year and got to watch most of his starts before he went down with an injury. He ended up coming out of the bullpen for pretty much the rest of the year after he returned from the DL though with mixed results. He K'd 84 in 86 innings, so just about a K per inning, and had 31 walks. Coming up through the minors he put up some phenomenal control and put away numbers that you love seeing out of a young arm. I think there is no way he doesn't get a spot in the rotation unless he really blows up in the spring or something. I would expect him to outperform his Steamer projections and be around where he finished last year. Maybe around a 3.5 ERA and 1.22 whip. I was always impressed with his fastball command and his slider + change up offspeed pitches to put away hitters and keep them off balance.
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    Is Brown not one of the best ever?
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    Is Corleone hourly or are you paying him a salary?
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    i mean how can u expect him to not get in foul trouble against the offensive juggernaut that is the magic?
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    Thanks. One of the things Yahoo users liked is that it usually opened more than a little ahead of the other platforms. Way to screw up, Yahoo.
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    Perhaps if you play in 1 category league
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    i guess he was probably talking about his ceiling being 8+ boards with like 7 stocks
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    Career HR: 18 at home... 41 on road... plus he's going from a graveyard to a bandbox. Entering typical physical power peak ages... Aggessive base stealing management in Milwaukee... His flyball rates has climbed the last 3 years: 15, 20, 25... making necessary improvements year over year... hit 29% FB in 2nd half!!! I'm buying all shares Yelich. 30/20 player with a good average and counting stats, going to be a star breakout IMO.
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    I've learned to avoid paying attention to if a player is "injury prone" all together. I was also told Gronk, Hyde, Jeffery, Bell, Shady, Bryant, Allen, and others were injury prone. No one said DJ, ODB, and Rodgers are injury prone now did they? Injuries are almost all luck.
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    McKinnon truthers are the worst. He's a nobody next to Cook, which is why he couldn't even beat out Asiata. He's a one trick pass catching back with bad vision running the ball. He's basically Andre Ellington 2.0. Cook should be a stud next season. Especially if, somehow, Bradford comes back.
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    Sounds like it's marketed squarely towards the "butthurt about player protests" crowd
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    I would be more worried about some of the plate discipline numbers if the corresponding column was "MLB average for rookies at 20 years old" instead of "MLB average." No shade at Garlando at all, those numbers are valuable intel, just for me, I would not weigh them that heavily given his age and experience level. Just being in the majors at 20 and not sucking portends good things imo.