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    I do and I put it in my signature but I don't use it a ton. But I do try to tweet out various articles from time to time. In terms of the above, if you reached out to me and I didn't get back to you, please do contact me again. I replied to every request I saw to confirm their request to be added to the list. I am completely finished writing and formatting Hitters, Relievers, Catchers, and some Starters. I should be about finished by the end of the day.
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    For where you can potentially draft this dude, I'm taking a shot on him 10/10 times. If the playing situation doesn't shake out, just throw him back in. Can't see it happening if he hits like this though, these things usually sort themselves out. The juice is worth the squeeze. Thanks guys for my new man crush.
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    But the question is what leagues exist where a top 75 overall player is droppable? If it's a standard 8-team with 13 roster spots, 8*13 = 104 players. Even in a 6-team league with 13 roster spots, he would be an end of bench player. 6*13 = 78 players. He definitely has not been an amazing player or even a great player. But, just looking at the numbers, it seems not a great drop to me. Maybe if you're in a 6 team league where the other owners suck. That way your team would be made up of like pure top 50 players or something.
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    A 6'7 225lb gargantuan with hard contact to all fields, a new fly ball approach, and a good understanding of the zone? Pass.
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    Royals front office right now
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    Sounds like you're about to drop the sequel to Hit em up.
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    I remember someone posted last year that he suffers from having the most generic Latin American name in baseball so that suppresses his value lol
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    This guy took a team that was predicted to be one of the worst teams in the NFL to the playoffs. This guy is a gamer.
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    I just want to say he is an inspiration. As someone who played QB in high school, he made me a firm believer that I could get off my couch and play at the level of a starting QB in the NFL.
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    Lol. The Browns make moves that will ultimately make them extremely competitive and they are seen as moves of "desperation". The Browns don't make moves and cant sign/lure anyone to Cleveland and the Browns are seen as "inept". I guess they can't win with some people. In the NFL, with the exception of a few, the windows to win are thin. I like the fact that Cleveland are seemingly deciding to be aggressive and create a window for them to win. I mean, when will a team have this many significant draft picks and this amount of cap room in a season.
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    I think one thing is for sure- hue better win some games this year.
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    It's a shame that Sashi lost out, I would have liked to see him finish what he started. I think they were doing the right thing acquiring picks and rolling over cap space. But I understand both sides of the argument. In general, trading for Tyrod and Landry without locking them up on new deals is a waste of resources. You are correct that if the Browns just draft well and play free agency they don’t have to make those moves, and in general the FA QB market will be saturated. The Browns bought a short term fix to a long term problem. On the other hand, Haslem fired Sashi and likely wants to see results now. Dorsey wants to deliver, and Hue surely does not want another losing season. The Browns own the #1 pick and the largest amount of free cap space yet the top QB free agent won’t sign with them and the top QB prospect wants nothing to do with the Browns. They’re actually in a spot where making these trades could convince some free agents to sign with them, since they will be competing with other teams that have massive amounts of cap space. So in theory I agree it is a bad way to build a team, but from a practical standpoint trading for Tyrod and Landry makes some sense. Dorsey and Andy Reid brought in Alex Smith and drafted Mahomes. Dorsey trading for Tyrod Taylor and possibly drafting Josh Allen would be a very similar blueprint to what Kansas City did.
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    Comparing someone who wasn't able to grab the starting job for 2 years to Marshawn Lynch in his prime is ridiculous. Could he get there? maybe. but then you are taking all the upside out of his situation and are drafting him as such, which if you want to win in fantasy is not the way to do it
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    I'm very much a believer in his talent. Have been for years.
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    4.2 “minimum”? He’s barely at that for his career playing mainly in a “closer” role against worn-out defenses towards the end of games. I appreciate the optimism but that’s a really high floor-projection.
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    I think the yards per carry and tds are low. You've got him going for 3.92. I don't see him having anything under 4.2 minimum with the new coaching staff. I'll wait to see how they address their oline but 4.5 wouldn't surprise me.
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    he had 1 66 yard TD from a reception. 1. if we take that away, he had 10 receptions for 60 yards, an average of 6 yards per reception. not exactly "when the guy does catch he turns it up field for a 70 yard td." again, this is not to take away from Derrick Henry who I think will be a good player in fantasy. but the hype train in this thread is unreal. 60 catches? I may as throw out that Antonio Brown will have 170 catches next season. could it happen? maybe, but is it likely based of past data and his usage? no, it isn't. and this isn't taking into the effect that the Titans may bring in a 3rd down back. we have yet to see. but let's say best case scenario here, and that they fully commit to Derrick Henry for the 2017 season and he is their workhorse. I think the best you can hope for is what Leonard Fournette put up this past year, something like 280 rushes for 1100 yards, close to 10 tds, 35 receptions for 300 yards and 2 td's. a solid season, absolutely. top 5? no. and I think that's the BEST case scenario
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    $16mm +3rounder for a legitimate STARTING NFL QB who took his team to the playoffs with a rb as his best weapon. That is ridiculously cheap vs paying for backup QB's like Glennon and Osweiler. You are sort of missing the value proposition here for the Browns. They are paying peanuts for a winning starting QB who they can release if he doesnt pan out and not hurt their franchise during the process as well as actually win games in the interim which keeps fans happy while you rebuild. They traded for landry because he agreed to play with Tyrod and they will attract other FA talent because there is no QB issues at the start of the season. they are percieved as a stable organization now. And the beauty is they did all of this BEFORE the draft so they are entering the FA mkt and don't have to focus on the outcome of the draft to attract talent or direction Complete win win for them
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    Landry to me has been the poster child of what is flawed about PPR scoring and I like him even less on the Browns from a fantasy perspective. This is not a dink, dink dink offense. hue is going to want a power run game with play action passing to Gordon. Landry will not be the focal point of the passing game because in my view so i hope someone drafts him high thinking he will be a stud and as a result devalue Josh Gordon so I can grab him cheaper.
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    Sashi lost the communication battle with Hue. Hue sold Haslem on the idea that AJ Mccarron was the answer. When Sashi (CORRECTLY) refused to trade for Mccarron Haslem did what crappy owners do and interfered. Hue is an idiot. And so is Haslem. Congrats Browns fans, Sashi had laid the foundation for you to have a potential dynasty. Now you're about to the Redskins or Cowboys. Right around average with zero chance of winning the Super Bowl. That's why these moves are short sighted. They were a quick fix to get them to mediocre (Randall move being the exception) that wasted the most valuable commodities in the current NFL- draft capital and cap space.
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    Just for clarity's sake, I did mention "targets" not receptions. And I did alter my figure to adjust for the Coriolis Effect. But I do think Gurley is a great case-in-point to demonstrate potential, as well as change from college to pros. Yes, Gurley is a fantastic, but I also view Henry as fantastic. Gurley had a terrible year two seasons ago---showing that he's not offense-proof---and Henry has never really been given the spotlight. More to the point, Gurley had 12 receptions for 57 yards his senior year, and Henry had 11 receptions for 91 yards. True, Gurley didn't play a full season that year, but even when he played a full season only had 16 receptions (sophomore); he was only targeted heavily as a junior, and he does have great hands, yet college use does not translate exactly in to pro-use. I just see Henry as a candidate for growth, especially in targets and subsequent receptions (again, similar to Gordon as well as Gurley). All that said, bets are off if Dion Lewis shows up in a Titans' uniform. No players are exactly alike, of course, and we can find a ton of differences between Gordon, Gurley, and Henry, but unless the Titans find a complementary receiving back, it's a logical move for the Titans to push the further development of Henry's hands. If you disagree, ok, and if you consider my numbers too lofty, I can live with that... it's March, and loftiness of numbers is standard.
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    Seattle a better lefty HR hitter park than righty?
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    Ill dig around and see what i can find but going off memory alone he has great arm strength and throws a great deep ball but struggles with accuracy
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    I think a lot of people are missing the point of just how pathetic the Browns and their situation is right now. Yes, Taylor could and probably would have been cut. He would most certainly draw interest from other teams besides the Browns. If all things were equal, why the hell would he pick Cleveland? They would have to overpay anyway to even have a chance to get him there. They’re sacrificing some draft capital to get a few good players they want I can’t argue against that when they’ve won a single game in two seasons. In a league filled with parody and the ability to turn things around in a calendar year their ineptitude has been unprecedented. They’ve lost the ability to operate like a normal team. Landry is here for a year maybe they have some success, he enjoys Cleveland and you can get him on a long term deal. They still have two 1st and two 2nd round picks in a currently weak AFC they could turn things around with good drafting now.
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    I'll agree to adjust my figure, but only slightly. Murray and Henry had 64 targets last season, combined. With Murray gone, I'd suggest 64 targets is a safe floor, unless Dion Lewis shows up in a Titans' uniform. If Henry nabs 75% of these targets---and again, I do believe in his hands---his receptions land at 36. A floor. True, it's a floor based on a high catch percentage, but in my notebook I'm adjusting for what I see as an increase in the passing to RBs. (I'm also considering Decker gone, and his targets possibly divided between Jonnu Smith and Henry). I disagree that Henry has "never demonstrated that ability," though: Henry has good hands, however the emphasis of his use hasn't exploited this ability. As a Titan, he was never a full-time RB, as Murray played even when injured. At Alabama, they didn't pass to RBs often (43 targets in 2015), and when they did Kenyon Drake was the COP back absorbing the targets (75%). When an RB rushes the rock 395 times (Henry 2015), there's just not a lot of room left for targets/receptions. I see it more about lack of opportunity than "[fitting] the bill of your typical RB." Consider the parallel in Melvin Gordon: a back that was not targeted at Wisconsin (same ballpark as Henry), yet was targeted 83 times last season. Based on the receptions I've seen, I think Henry's hands are more reliable than Gordon's. Just my two cents, but it's not only based on gut, it's based on logic and observation.
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    I get that Turner has been a big bust based on his ADP but people are going nuts in this thread. Most of the posts make no sense and that is why i feel like i have to thank you for saying out loud the obvious. I see people dropping players who should be owned everywhere (based on their situation and averages) despite their inconsistency. I get the fact that some owners are impatient to an extreme level and owning inconsistent players is bad for their health. What i dont get is trying to explain it based on numbers...its embarrassing
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    Checked the Gurley thread page 8 you said: Gurley only came in on running plays. He can't pass protect. Hard to run against an 11 man box. McVay didn't have much of a running game either in Washington. He throws the ball to his tight ends with a crappy QB. I'll probably get as many points from the Rams TE in the 10th round as you'll get with Gurley in the 1st round.
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    Isn't that the course for Oakland and anyone else they sign as a FA?
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    these moves reek of desperation to me. acquiring taylor by giving up a 3rd seems like a bit much considering he likely woulda been cut before he was due a $6 million bonus next week. landry is another guy his former team was looking to rid themselves of and they didn't even work out a long term deal with him. so they get two players from teams who didn't want them with inflated price tags for the current season and could be FAs after 2018. i guess they don't trust in their ability to lure any fas of quality but what they did is very short sighted. sure, they will be improved but landry and taylor could bolt after one year. that's not building. that putting a band aid on a an amputation. i'd still draft a qb if i was them at 4. they sold some future assets for a few potential wins next year and possibly nothing more than that
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    off the bench, lou will starting as well as someone from a key and peele skit. Sindarius Thornwell
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    He may have alot more freedom now that the Browns are probably not signing him.
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    Finished off the no-hitter with 13Ks.. should've been a perfect game if it weren't for a 4th inning error.. The splitter is RIDICULOUS.. I can't say that enough. I saw 3+ pitches tonight in his FB/Splitter/SL.. Splitter is ++
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    Gordon, Landry, Coleman Njoku and Barkley? with Tyrod throwing. They may still stink next year, but these guys are going to be fun to watch. Atleast fantasy wise.
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    Hes stunk 2 of the last 3 years. As much as I’d like him to be serviceable, at some point (soon) we have to ask maybe 2016 was the outlier
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    him not playing today is good news esp if you need next week. They way they are playing today so far, solidifies that AD should be a legit MVP candidate this year if they continue to make solid push when he returns. Harden still the favorite because Houston is having a great year, but individual performance and if you take most VALUABLE player for a team literally, Davis is more valuable to the Pelicans than Harden is to the rockets. Rockets will still win games without Harden because they have CP3, but Pelicans aren't going anywhere with their current line-up. Also based on reports and updates, Davis wanted to play but Gentry and team decided to hold him out. So yeah he might often experience minor dings to his body, but this guy is a warrior in a sense that he will try to suit up if he can. Pelicans made the right decision and look at the bigger picture, you would rather have a healthy AD, who when healthy is arguably the best player out there, than go for a franchise record 11th straight win.
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    so when he does, i take it that this will be your statement then? we will all be waiting on you.
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    Watching the Aubrun game tonight... Mize has a no hitter through 6 with 10k.. I haven't watched a ton of college baseball so far, but his splitter is the best pitch I've seen this year by far.. 90mph with unreal drop, idk how anyone could hit it if he's hitting his spots. He's been sitting 93-95mph with his FB and around 86mph with a slider. He's been very efficient too.. Havent seen Mclanahan pitch yet, but I'm not sure I could rank him above Mize from what I've seen tonight. That splitter....
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    Why? There are 4-5 solid QB options that are free agents, and Landry is grossly overpaid now, plus they didn't sign him to a long term deal. So, unless those are 5th rd picks or later that's terrible. They are wasting their picks and now stuck with a 15 million dollar slot receiver.
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    Because the value of great RB's usually trumps great WR's in most of the leagues I've been associated with. Bell, Gurley, Zeke, DJ, AB, Kamara, Hunt, Hopkins, Gordon, Thomas, Maybe McCaffrey, maybe Cook......those are perennial 1st Rounders. I don't see JJ or Odell as first rounders, not with the inconsistencies and such. I maintain that Henry goes late 1st Round in most formats. The 2nd round will be the round where WR's get gobbled up.
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    plenty=11 receptions? i would agree with you then. I think Derrick Henry can catch 11 passes again this year.
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    Some of the best pass catching RBs in the league didn't catch 64 balls last year. Hard to see a guy who has never demonstrated that ability (nor fits the bill of your typical RB that excels in pass catching) doing it. Anything's possible, but I think if we're being realistic we'd be looking at about half that.
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    This is the first time in awhile as a steelers fan I look at the Browns and think wow they might truly have a squad here that can do some damage
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    Barkley with a duel threat QB ? oh billy
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    Why would it ever break right as long as he stays in Sf? Seems it's been breaking exactly as it's supposed to.
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