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    Fitz is a beast. But he's an old beast approaching a cliff that no one can predict. I have no qualms with taking/ranking Fitz ahead of Gordon. Doug Baldwin on the other hand... I'd rather watch Josh Gordon flame out, than to suffer a season of Doug Baldwin's mediocrity. His career best year only got him to 10th. (2015) The next year he scored less fantasy points, but because he finished higher (aka the field sucked) people wanted to pretend he was trending up with Wilson. (2016) Then in 2017 he takes another step backwards, fails to break 1,000 yards, has his lowest catch rate and reception totals in years, despite Russell Wilson having career highs in fantasy points, pass attempts, and Touchdowns. On top of that, Doug Baldwin is now being drafted HIGHER than he was last year, and you want to call it a discount? People in this thread want to talk about overratted WRs, then stop pointing the finger at Jarvis Landry and take a look at Doug Baldwin. Doug Baldwin finished 14th overall last year. These are his weekly finishes, weeks 1-16: 39th, 37th, 9th, 63rd, 47th, 5th, 26th, 4th, 22nd, 32nd, 81st, 24th, 18th, 105th, 18th. Doug Baldwin is a glorified DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace, Torrey Smith, Ted Ginn Jr that somehow people have convinced themselves is different. 3 Great weeks that inflate his yearly totals, 8 weeks he destroys your team, and 4 weeks of whatever. *No Offense to D.Jax and Wallace who were actually legit in their prime. 10th WR off the board, and 26th player overall. Absolutely insane. And before someone even tries to make the claim, NO, 2017 was not an outlier, he's game logs for 2016 looked the exact same. In fact, you can find this exact warning label in his 2016 thread, where I explained ad nauseam to people that he didn't deserve to be drafted as the 11th WR off the board, 25th overall. 2018 is no different. He doesn't deserve to be drafted as the 10th WR off the board, 26th overall. He wasn't a value last year, I don't know how he could be considered a value this year. You are drastically overpaying, because one time 4 seasons ago, he had 14 TDs. Age effects everyone differently, but food for thought, Baldwin will be 30 years old at the start of this season. Do not be fooled by position by attrition.
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    Looks like he might be back soon. Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times is reporting he's going to pitch a 3 inning rehab game Thursday for Triple A Oklahoma City.
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    Good rehab outing today. And bravo he the dodgers FO and management for drawing up this game plan
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    These topics are always fun to look back on to see just how wrong you were. Mine were pretty funny in hindsight last year. I'll give it another go for this year... Arizona Cardinals: David Johnson gets hurt and Chase Edmonds finishes top 12 in RB fantasy points (ppr) Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones breaks his career high in touchdown receptions (10, 2012) Baltimore Ravens: Kenneth Dixon emerges as the best RB on the team and is an every week starter by season's end Buffalo Bills: Kelvin Benjamin has 10-plus TDs, all thrown to him by Josh Allen Carolina Panthers: DJ Moore has more fantasy points than Devin Funchess Chicago Bears: Allen Robinson fails to reach 1,000 yards but finishes with 10-plus TDs Cincinnati Bengals: Tyler Eifert actually stays healthy for a whole season Cleveland Browns: Powered by an explosive offense led by Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Hyde/Chubb/Duke, and David Njoku, Tyrod Taylor sets career highs in passing yards, TDs, and passer rating. Baker Mayfield does not see the field Dallas Cowboys: Michael Gallup leads all Cowboys WRs in fantasy points and finishes as a WR2 Denver Broncos: Royce Freeman has over 1,000 yards rushing and at least 8 TDs Detroit Lions: Luke Willson emerges as a TE1 in fantasy Green Bay Packers: Geronimo Allison emerges as the No. 2 behind Adams. Jimmy Graham scores fewer than 8 TDs. Houston Texans: Watson fails to finish the season once again and is labeled the next RG3 Indianapolis Colts: Jack Doyle finishes as a TE1 despite the presence of Eric Enron Jacksonville Jaguars: DJ Chark beats out Moncrief, Westbrook, Lee, and Cole as the best fantasy WR on the Jags Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes leads the AFC in rushing yards and TDs by a QB Miami Dolphins: Frank Gore leads the team in rushing yards and touchdowns Minnesota Vikings: Stefon Diggs scores more fantasy points than Adam Thielen New England Patriots: Tom Brady wins league MVP...again. Rex Burkhead finishes in the top 15 for RBs. New Orleans Saints: Cam Meredith and Michael Thomas each go over 1,000 yards receiving with at least 5 TDs apiece New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. has his best statistical season yet and finishes as overall WR1 New York Jets: Quincy Enunwa has more fantasy points than Robby Anderson and T. Pryor Oakland Raiders: Jordy Nelson has more fantasy points than Amari Cooper Philadelphia Eagles: Nick Foles is traded at the deadline to a team that suffers an injury at QB Pittsburgh Steelers: Leveon Bell has his best statistical season yet and finishes as overall RB1 San Diego Chargers: Keenan Allen sets career highs in receptions, yards, and TDs San Francisco 49ers: Jerick McKinnon finishes top 10 among RBs in ppr Seattle Seahawks: Brandon Marshall leads Seattle in TD receptions St. Louis Rams: Cooper Kupp has more fantasy points than Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks (ppr) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ronald Jones wins rookie of the year Tennessee Titans: Dion Lewis gets hurt by Week 7 and Derrick Henry is an RB1 from Week 8 on Washington Redskins: Chris Thompson has more fantasy points than Guice
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    I think it depends on your roster, your league and your settings. To give a hypothetical, in a 12 team 1/2 ppr dynasty where you start two flex plays with very long benches and even talent distribution among owners, if I have everything filled EXCEPT two running back spots, I might consider a two for one. I don’t think I’d do Penny and Guice, but it’s certainly reasonable. Basically, the deeper the league the more I’d consider two or more lesser prospects for one exceptional one. In most situations I lean towards value consolidation in trades (ie, keeping or getting the better players). The reason being that you can always have a shot at drafting another good RB every year, but Barry Sanders/Tomlinson/Adrian Peterson only come along once a decade or so. I don’t have anything really revolutionary to offer on this one, other than I wouldn’t trade Saquon unless I was getting an exceptional offer of two other players (ie Fournette and Zeke)
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    Janoris Jenkins - DB - Giants "The brother of Janoris Jenkins has been charged with aggravated manslaughter in the death of Roosevelt Rene" Cyber missed a spot...
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    He gave up the HR, then a walk, then a 2-0 count, they mound visit THEN he throws 3 straight circle changes low corner perfectly located to make bour look stupid and never looked back. I actually really enjoy watching scrappy boxberger proving the haters wrong.
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    My next 3 picks were PHI, Njoku, MIN lol. Chase Edmonds RB (ARI) Potential cuff for DJ...
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    That was quite an idiotic idea having him pitch out of the bullpen rather than a rehab assignment. Obviously I still had him on my DL since he wasn't supposed to be activated. I probably would have left him on my bench at best anyways since I would have had no interest in a bullpen appearance from him, but that was pretty awful obviously. To the person thinking Buehler won't stick in the rotation the rest of the season (or until he gets shut down), well, I might as well just be blunt and say you're an f'ing moron. It was made before the relief appearance, but considering the relief appearance is borderline meaningless and can be thrown out, it makes them all that much dumber. The one positive is that it caused his ERA and WHIP to go up quite a bit obviously, so he won't be in line for much regression anymore.
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    I just noticed that both of Pred's QBs have the same bye week.
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    Struggle? Lol https://www.basketball-reference.com/playoffs/1995-nba-eastern-conference-semifinals-bulls-vs-magic.html
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    Some alternative takes: Arizona: Sam Bradford plays 16 games. Buffalo: Charles Clay leads in receptions. Cincinnati: Eifert misses the entire season. Cleveland: goes 0-16 despite all of the roster monsters. Denver: Keenum leads the Broncos into the playoffs as the team to beat. GB: Rodgers uses J'Mon Moore, St. Brown, and Valdes-Scantling; DAdams busts. Indianapolis: Luck throws. Miami: Gore ends the season within the top 12 RBs, shows no signs of slowing down. Oakland: Jalen Richard leads the backfield. Pittsburgh: Burfict returns from suspension, plays two games, ends JuJu's season with a crushing injury, and ends his own via further suspension. Seattle: Brandon Marshall takes a job on Thursday Night Football and does not play this season.
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    Most recent Gore highlights...
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    Pumped up for a 5ip 8h, 2er, 1bb, 4k performance today. Let's get it!
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    Frank Gore leading Miami RBs would be the most Dolphins thing ever.
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    2 for 1 trades mean nothing. It’s about the caliber of players and situations involved. Penny has a terrible line and still has to win the job. Guice has another mid round rb to beat out as well as a talented receiving back in CT. Neither are guaranteed successes at the NFL level. Barkley is the most gifted player by far— going top 6-7 overall IN REDRAFT with no meaningful comp, in an excellent situation. It’s as close to a guarantee as you will get in fantasy. Good players like Guice and Penny come and go, but generational talents like Barkley do not. You don’t trade generational talents- you build around them. After some reflection, I’d keep Barkley over any other 2 rookie backs. It’s an interesting debate- id love to hear from other experienced dynasty players on this. @Bartos @vikingapocalypse @mrblonde1984 @Iron-cock @petekrum @Winky @Rolling Thunder @Packdog @BlakeP42 @JHM_13 @Lord_Varys
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    I've been taking Winston the last two years on teams because he's always offered that upside at a late pick. It has never paid off and he has never finished on my roster at the end of the year. I will not be drafting him on any teams this year and expect to be able to grab him off waivers if need be. He's been a huge disappointment for me.
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    Yeah, that's what your problem has been..
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    Yep, and it seems if all goes well, he'll slide back into the rotation at some point next week whenever it would be his "turn" after the rehab game. At least that's what the blurb (Andy being the source of that) made it seem like.
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    Peralta was hitting 97 today. There are worse lotto tickets now...
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    Bolt, my rebuttle is this, I chose to stack myself at wr and take an upside qb pick early, I knew early on I was effed at the rb2 spot, I did a reach on beast mod out of urgency and chose to cuff my rb1 spot, I realize the rb2 spot is a hole, but in a 14 teamed, there will be sacrifice in some position on each team
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    Seranthony with the bounce back 2 inning 3k 0 whip save lets goooo those are gold!
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    I’d wager Jordan Matthews is an upgrade from Amendola, though he’s invisible in drafting. Regarding age, he’s been healthier than QBs almost half his age. I agree that Brady’s time is coming, that it has to at some point, but all of those alkaline foods and supermodel bjobs and guru chakra sessions and soft tissue workouts seems to be working very very well.
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    Interesting that people already feel Watkins is the number 1 WR in KC after Tyreek just put up 1200 yards and 8 tds last year, and now gets a QB with a cannon for an arm...
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    I'll take David njoku, I'm ready for a second year breakout @FFCollusionIsAColluder
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    I’ll have it in the next few min. Deciding between rational and irrational.
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    Same. Told myself I would stop last year than started streaming DST vs. the Rams to start the season. It didn't go to well.
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    maybe worth noting that Jason Adam has been recalled from the minors by the Royals, with Grimm going on the DL. last 10 games.
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    In fairness, you axually ARE one to blow your own horn. What I don’t hear is any kind of perspective gained from your disastrous 2016 season. Entertaining- But potentially devastating for those who don’t realize Axe Elf is schtick.
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    I can help you two out. The last time Washington had a top 5 receiving group was when it included Art Monk and Ricky Sanders. With or without Reed in 2015 and 2016, the only people besides you who believe that group was top five are Daniel Snyder, Bruce Allen, and their immediate families. Not talking uncles, cousins and grandchildren.