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    Been keeping all the tabs open all day in my browser lmao
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    In his defense this thread has become nearly impossible to read or tolerate with all the videos and side table talk.
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    I could see their thinking: “We need to get Valaika in the lineup. He’s got a wRC+ of 1. It can only go up!” DFA Valaika and his negative 1.1 WAR in 105 at bats and give the Hustle Hampster the call (I just gave him that nickname, it’s terrible, I know)
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    Yea, I'm sure zekes success had so much to do with that all star cast that included Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley....
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    Gonna be tough to replace that 560 yards Jason Witten had last year.
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    Old man James Jones still put up 8 tds and about 800 yards his last season and I'd like to think Jordy has a little more left in the tank. He might not shred anyone deep but he can still be a huge rz threat. I don't think raiders would bring him in if he couldn't do anything.
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    Although I agree with you that Tatum definitely proved his quality to be a star in the league it’s hard to ignore the loaded Boston team with Kyrie Hayward coming back and the fact that the entire team is returning. In terms of fantasy, he won’t be able to produce as much as lower quality players such as: Teague, McCollum, Marc Gasol, Rubio, Aldridge, Dragic etc. Haven’t played redraft in a long time but Id imagine these guys should be taken around 3rd 4th 5th rounds. These players are arguably and probably will produce better fantasy numbers than Tatum and should be drafted ahead of him in a redraft however in a dynasty league there are only a few players I’d take ahead of Tatum.
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    He's not a reputable source or anything, so extra large grain of salt. Thought it was interesting, though.
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    If you're in a situation to win now and a rental of Trout wins the pot for you this season, maybe. If not I'd rather have Snell under control for a couple years. I know you said your OF is loaded but we can't see your roster and don't know where you are in standings or your shot to win it all this year.
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    This is the Rockies we're talking about. They actively avoid giving prospects chances. If anything, they'll call Hampson up and make him a bench player while starting Valaika at 2B
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    Fangraphs tracks this, no need to make up numbers. At first base- He's had 4 chances at "unikely" balls hit to him, plays made 10-40% of the time by other players and had made 0 of them. He's had 6 chances at "even" balls which are made 40-60% of the time by other fielders. Hes made it to 1 of those balls, or 16.7% He's had 7 chances at "likely" (60-90% league wide success) balls and made it 1. For a whopping 14.3%. So saying he misses balls that are gotten to 90% of the time is actually pretty dang accurate.
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    Jonas - 12.7 56.8 8.6 1.1 0.4 0.9 Taj - 12.2 57.7 7.1 1.2 0.8 0.7 Pretty much the same player except you can get Taj about 4-5 rounds later. Save your money.
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    For good reason. The kid is legit. I am a big PSU fan and have watched just about every touch of his college career and he is off the charts talented. Get him in the open field and good night.But even with all that talent, there were games where the Oline was awful and he couldn't get passed the line of scrimmage. In 13 games his final year, he only had 5 games of over 100 yards rushing. PSU was creative and got him touches out of the backfield and on returns so he was always making an impact. Taking him at 5 overall just seems too high for a kid when you don't know how the new Oline is going to look and you don't know how much Eli has left. Factor in a new HC and system and you have just enough question marks to drop him down a little bit more for me. Oh by the way, Leonard Fournette is a freak as well, but he wasn't anything special as a rookie because of his supporting cast. You put Fournette on the 2016 Cowboys and he goes off like Zeke (probably better). Gurley looked like a bum in 2016. The Giants offense is far more dynamic than the Jags with Odell/Engram/Sheppard, but it will all come down to the revamped Oline and Eli. Teams are going to try to shut down Barkley and Odell and force Eli to make plays elsewhere. If Eli can't it will be tough sledding for Barkley. If Eli turns things around, things will open up for Barkley and look out!
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    Batum at pick 90 has a good chance of paying off imo. He had a strug-life, injury ridden season but played well in stretches, and still finished about there on the season.
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    What is this drivel? They have 3 young all Pros returning on the line. There was no Pro Bowler on the line who needs to be replaced. They drafted a young highly rated guard to fill one of the only positions of need. A bit of research would also tell you Tyron Smith played with a back injury and was less than his dominant self last year. Assuming a return to health, the line has a case to be the best in the league again, and if not it will be close to the top.
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    Round 10 1. CoH - Demarcus Cousins 2. Stifle - Taj Gibson 3. Chaiway - Jonathan Isaac 4. x_Nemesis_x - Super Mario Hezonja 5. BetterCallHinkie - 6. Tongs - 7. TOAA - 8. Superjew - 9. Trench Mob - 10. RDNC - 11. Young_Styler - 12. Kaboom - X_Nemesis_X PG: Russell Westbrook (1.9) SG: Gary Harris (4.40) G: Kyle Lowry (3.33) SF: Paul George(2.18) PF: Paul Millsap (6.64) F: Serge Ibaka (7.81) C: DeAndre Ayton (5.57) C: Willie Culley Stein (9.105) UT: Thaddeus Young (8.88) UT: Mario Hezonja (10.112) Bench: Bench: Bench:
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    Once Dion Lewis was signed, I thought no way I was going to touch DH at his ADP, but over the last few weeks I've warmed up to Henry a bit. If we look at the Rams offense last year, we can get an idea of what the Titans might look like this year. Todd Gurley got 279 attempts last year, and I saw a tweet that LaFleur offenses the last few years have averaged about 120 targets to RBs. The LA Rams had 454 rushing attempts last year, so Gurley's 279 is about 61% of all rushing attempts, which seems a bit low IMO for Henry (I think he'll get a higher percentage of the backfield carries), but let's go with that number. Let's also assume Dion Lewis takes 70% of the passing game. So given our numbers I project Henry for around 280 rushing attempts, and 36 passing targets. Henry has a career YPC of 4.3, but let's even assume this drops to 4.0. That gives Henry a rushing output of 1,120 yards on the season. He has scored 5 TDs both years in the NFL, so let's assume this goes up to 10 this year, as I believe he will be the main RZ back, and as we've seen, has the ability to take it to the house from distance. Additionally, let's say Henry's 30 targets turn into 20 catches (lower than his career 75% catch rate) and those 20 catches turn into 200 yards (again, lower than his career 11.4 Y/R). Let's give Henry 1 receiving TD. So in total, these projections give Henry a final line of: 280 carries, 30 targets, 20 catches, 1,320 total yards, and 11 total TDs. And again, I'm using efficiency numbers that are lower than Henry's career average. This would give him a final standing of 218 PPR fantasy points. That would have been the 11th RB overall last year in PPR. Currently being drafted as the RB18, I kind of see Henry as a value this year. Add in the fact that if: 1) Henry maintains his career efficiency numbers, his stats will get better than my projections, and 2) if Dion Lewis misses time, that also increases my projections as well. Even with Dion in town, I think Henry has a great shot to finish in the top 10 given his ability, and the new OC LaFleur. Additionally, the Titans have a top tier offensive line, and their defense is underrated, ranking 13th in yards allowed last year, and 17th in points allowed. And last but not least, Warren Sharp ranks the Titans schedule as 7th easiest in the league, meaning (hopefully) a good amount of positive game scripts this year for the Titans, and more opportunities for Henry to ice the game. I was once skeptical of DH when the Titans signed Lewis, but digging a bit deeper, I might even reach a little on Henry this year.
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    I guess I'll make the thread. Called up today to take LeMahieu's spot at 2B. He's in the lineup and hitting 7th tonight. This is a guy to grab if you're desperate for speed like I assume most of us are. Slashing .305 /.376 / .452 between AA and AAA, with 33 SB in 91 games. Just some more info - he's been a quick riser with excellent plate discipline (BB:K), plus-plus speed, and an ability to hit for a high average with 10+ HR pop. He seems to have overtaken Rodgers as the next man up in the middle infield, so they must be fairly high on him.
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    A slump for Soto is 0-2, 2BB, 1 R
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    Fisher had final say in all personnel decisions. It's the reason he chose the Rams over the Dolphins to be HC. He's tried to back away from that given how horrid his decision-making has been.
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    Garrett Hampson time in Colorado! props to MireLurker for posting it first.
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    Oh look, another Mets player with a more severe injury than the medical staff and management are aware of. Good job, NY.
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    Sitting for a year behind tyrod is probably what's best for his long term success. I don't see him playing much if at all this season unless Browns are officially out of the playoff race around week 15 or 16
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    Yesterday he became only the 2nd player in the modern era to have 3 homers and 2 doubles in the same game. The 1st Cardinal to hit 3 in a game since some guy named Pujols back in 2010. He also became the only player in MLB history to hit 5 xbh within the first 6 innings. And oh yeah he just hit another one today. Make it 5 straight.
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    Jeez, you guys are tough, complaining about a guy with a 0.00 ERA and 1.00 WHIP.
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    Matt Carpenter is volcanic
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    Pham stole a base!!!! I thought those days were over.
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    Agreed. That one AB is the deciding factor. I’m out too
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    I like Baker and look forward to seeing him play, but if falls like it should in Cleveland this season he won't see any live reps outside of preseason
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    Feel free to drop him. I would be delighted to pick him up if I was in that league.
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    We did on but moreso in the giants team thread. As packersfan has mentioned the torrential flood of fan boy video propaganda in this thread has pushed out other posts. I thought the josh Gordon threads of olde were ridiculous but fun with rabid fanboys (including myself) but Saquon Lover Boy Fan #1 has taken this thread hostage.
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    With all the talk going to Trout/Betts/Lindor/JoRam. I feel like this guy isn't being spoken about enough. Quietly having a monster season.
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    They have arguably the worst farm system in baseball and virtually no young talent to speak of on the major league roster unless you're really high on Nimmo/Conforto. Starting pitching is the most fragile/unsteady asset in MLB, which is why all the good teams are built around young position players rather than built exclusively around starting pitching. Even if they did have a season where everything went right and they were in competition for the 2nd wild card, there's no chance of sustaining long term success here until they do a complete rebuild and get some actual talent in their organization.
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    Beat writer is saying strained oblique which is often 4-6 weeks on DL. They’ll have to make a move, the question is who do they go with. Could be Hampson, McMahon, or even Rodgers. I added Hampson everywhere though I have some doubts since he’s not on the 40 man roster.
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    Gonna go with a dude on that team who was top 50 over the last 2 months of the season and top 75 on the year. And who is still only 25 years old. With my 11th round pick. And hell yes @jay14bay, I'm quadrupling down LMAO
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    They can't really rush the passer or cover anyone. Other than that, yeah, the Dallas D is pretty good.
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    I just think your percentages were so elite it didn’t make sense to grab nurk to f--- it up. I don’t think he offers enough in terms of counting stats to justify his inefficiency, it was also early for him even if you were punting FT. Otherwise I liked all your picks and you sniped me more than anyone else. Great minds think alike ?
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    3-3 today (so far)with 2 more HR and a double. 5 HR in 18 games for Charlotte. Average now in the .310-.315 range. This must be why he grades himself a 10 offensively (6/7 defensively) . . .
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    Willie calhoun first single and rbi
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    Yeah he’s the paragon of mediocrity. But he did play 82 games last season and Thibs likes him. I don’t think his play was that unexpected given how much Thibs likes him and he’s had spurts of playability in Chicago. Imo his ranking on BBM at this point in the draft is almost irrelevant. If we’re doing a no maintenance league I just want someone who plays 80ish games and actually gets playing time. In a real league with a waiver wire I would pick someone else.
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    Nice hezonja pick, especially now that Beasley is out of town. He will probably end up being a top 75 guy and I think his price tag will be around 7th round come draft time.
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    I sometimes want to scream at people who talk about regression and efficiency "it's the offense stupid!". Do people not comprehend the offensive genius of Payton? Sure his defenses were terrible but this guy can put his offensive talent in a position to put points on the board every game. I don't think you hear many people say 'Payton is not using player x to his ability or wasting his talent'. Kamara EXECUTED on his touches within the scheme of the plays being called and then he took it up a notch with his ability to make defenders miss. Last season was not a fluke, an exceptional talent such as Kamara can do nothing but be a stud player with Payton running the show.
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    Guys, let's move on from this silly and tiresome exchange about the Yankees and who they used in the playoffs. Take it to PM or maybe the Yankees thread, but it's exhaustive and isn't interesting or informative at all.
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    Tough to stabilize FT% from the IR